Please keep this document in the area of visual color assessment for quick reference. Please refer to current color material for details.

Color discrimination skills
* All color assessors must have color discrimination skill represented by a score of 16 or less using the Unseaworthiness 100 Hue test. Annual retesting is required.
Constant condition suggested
* Relative Humidity 65% ± 5% Temperature: 20°C ± 2°C: Audit logs of RH & Temp Record, needs to be kept.
* If having a conditioned room, suggest having lab dips conditioned for 4 hours. The face of the lab dips must be exposed to ambient light (not in light-box) during conditioning.
* If using a conditioning chamber, condition lab dips for 30 minutes, Lab dips must be exposed to ambient light (not in light-box) for 10 minutes after conditioning if the chamber that does not have light.

* Visual & instrumental assessment must be completed within 30 minutes after conditioning.

Light box & Light sources

* Primary: D65 *Secondary: TL 84
* Daily internal light level (foot candles or Kelvin temperature) audit log needs to be kept.
* Light tubes must be changed regularly as suggested by the manufacturer and keep the change log.
* Light-box must be placed in a dark room or curtained area without incidental light.
* Prefer the background color or light box to be Matt Emulsion Grey 5574 or N5
Color Standard
* Kept standard under conditioned environment
* Please mark the quadrant or hue preference wanted.
* Never touch the face of standard
* Never put standard inside the light box when not reviewing lab dip submits.
* Never put standard on the top of light box at any time.
Lab dip
* Face up (refer to item description)
* 4-layer folded
Viewing setup
Only color standard & lab dip submit in the light box when reviewing colors.
* Sample must be centered in the light box.
* Put standard at the left side of lab dip submits.
* Samples must be reviewed at 45*
Color Comments
* Hue (ΔA/B): Go more/less red, more/less yellow, more/less blue
* Lightness (ΔL): Go lighter, go darker
*Chroma (ΔC): Go brighter, go duller
* Supplier should consult dye supplier for assistance for ACH issue before submitting lab dips to buyer
* If cannot achieve CF/color shade at the same time, supplier should prioritize color.
* Re-lab dips must follow rejected comments from buyer colorist, Please communication with buyer colorist immediately if any disagreement.