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Eternity ring is a lady’s ring

Eternity ring  is a lady’s ring, worn on the hand, covering a band of high expensive metal (usually gold) set with a constant line of identically cut gemstones to express deep love, usually given by a husband to his wife on the event of an important anniversary.
Since the presence of stones up around the ring forever may become complicated to use, the choice is to have the stones across the face of the ring only. This is sometimes applied to as a ring “half eternity” instead of an eternity “full”. Eternity ring with precious stones in weight, white topaz, or a mixture of stones appeared in the 18th century.

The idea of eternity ring was formed in 1960 by a diamond merchant named “De Beers”. Edward Jay Epstein said at the time that the company has a confidential deal with the Soviet Union, which, in turn creating a “channel” which controls the world’s supply of diamonds ‘required’ the purchase of 90-95% Diamonds gem materials from Russia. The fashion prevalent at the time, especially for engagement rings, was for them to be set with a single large stone. The Soviet gems, however, were small, often less than 0.25 carats. To avoid stockpiling, De Beers started on a campaign of promotion of jewelry containing several small stones culminating in the eternity ring, which aimed at older, married women. A campaign slogan, aimed at husbands, was “I married for richer or poorer. Let her know how it goes.

Moissanite & Diamond Eternity Ring

Eternity rings were designed by De Beers diamond trader, referred to as a method to reduce its huge amount of small moissanite or diamond. The slogan was creative, a provocation aimed at men who had been married 10 years or more, “She was married for richer or poorer. Let her know how things are going.” Initially Moissanite eternity rings were marketed exclusively to women but in recent years, eternity rings were created for men too.

The rings are usually made of precious metals like gold and silver. Small stones usually surround the ring completely, even if some stones rings have set only halfway around the band. Even though moissanite are the most used for eternity ring, other stones are also used.

The gift of eternity ring – you say it with love

The ring can be the most meaningful gift you could ever give to someone you really care about, whether it be a man or a woman. And considered a symbol of friendship and love. Of all the rings, the ‘eternity ring perhaps the most important of all. An eternity ring usually means the desire for immortality, the desire of a person to live forever.

The idea of living forever, continuity or something that is transmitted until the world ends embodied in a single ring is the main reason why many couples go for eternity ring as their choice for engagement rings or wedding. Becomes a sign of undying love for the next pair of newlyweds. What better way to embody a romantic relationship by sealing it with a ring of eternity.

Eternity rings are also given on other occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and during the birth of a new child. There are numerous designs, sizes, shapes, and colors of eternity ring that you will never be short of options for any occasion and for any recipient that you decide to give it. There are simple eternities rings if you want to go in that direction, while there are also draw the rings for the most fashionable. There are rings with precious stones, some cover half of the ring, while others want all over it. If you want the eternity ring to be truly customized, ask the recipient about which precious stone that he or she likes and put it in the ring. You can buy a ready-made above or you can also customize it as you want.

By giving the gift of eternity?

Diamond Eternity Ring Eternity has been designed to be a beautiful and elegant testimony of love and affection. Gifting these rings to celebrate the tenth anniversary or other special occasions is a wonderful idea. These rings are symbols of the quality of life of couples seek in their relationships. The rings are made to be treasured for a lifetime.

In recent years, it has become commonly used in eternity rings wedding rings. The rings are popular for couples who are looking to upgrade their wedding rings today, after becoming financially more stable than when they were married. Even if they make excellent anniversary rings precisely, for this reason, there are no rules that require that couples expecting a birthday to give another of these rings.

There are many other occasions which are great opportunities to show your love for a loved one. The birth of the first child is a special occasion dear to the heart. Giving an eternity ring for his wife on this occasion is not only necessary but highly desirable. Promotion of jobs created is also wonderful opportunity to give eternity rings, especially if a couple worked and sacrificed a ‘long time to get to work.

Eternity ring are not just for engaged couples or married

Being timeless, these rings should not have limits, because it is not loved.  Readers should know that eternity ring you can give your loved ones, no matter what the relationship. All you need is lasting and eternal love. Mothers can get these rings for their children.

Typically, the rings are the birthstones of all her children created if adopted or biological. This ring is a wonderful symbol of timeless love between mothers and their children. The rings are also given to children by parents in moments of time, such as graduating from high school or college. The ring becomes a symbol of intense love and pride of parents for the child’s achievements.

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