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It’s amazing for me when someone feels interested to know about mine activities. I am feeling proud to get a chance of sharing information about apparel production and process through this platform. Anyway, welcome to my blog. I want to spread knowledge through this site. I am engaged in this arena for a long time and got expertise day by day. I will try my level best effort to provide you meaningful information regarding apparel manufacturing business. Sometimes some other guest writers may deliver their significant article on this topic. Being with us to discover numerous hidden secrets. I am humbly requesting all of you just raise your hands and admire article writers for delivering rich article. When I first joined in the apparel industry, it was completely sightless to me. I didn’t have any idea about many practical things & terms. Every day I have searched for the accurate information & technical aspect of apparel business. But at that time it was not easy to get the adequate & dependable information. But I was lucky because I got much support from my seniors.

Personally, I always respect and remember all of those elders who taught me what I never know before. They helped me to understand all the effective process of garments industry and taught me how to tackle critical situation or how to take a right decision during crucial moments, time and action schedules with the ability to identify potential bottlenecks in order execution. I would like to thanks to my former and present supervisors who support, guide and keep trust on me in this long journey. Thanks to my teammates, colleagues and my loving family also. I also learn many things by reading books. I think like me many other trainee merchandisers feeling helpless to know the actual process. The person who has eagerness to learn industrial merchandising and wants to know more about garment merchandising, my step may help them.

This blog also helps those students who are learning fashion designing and whose profession is related to this apparel merchandising sector. In my practical life, I had faced various kinds of technical difficulties regarding Material Sourcing, Planning, Product development, Fabric fault, Material control, Cutting, CWS features, Printing, Embroidery, Sewing, Washing, Quality issue, Packing, Commercial, Shipping, Payment, Claim, Order cancellation etc. You may realize that sometimes your superiors are not much interested in letting you know how things happen in particular area due to shortage of time. For this reason, you may suffer in every step of your career & become success late or fail. I understand, my learning is not much & have not much experience but feel to share whatever I acquire so that you will not be sudden surprised in a new world.

The primary object of this site is to help all the people right from the novice information hunters to experienced professionals. What the information belongs to this site is simple, straightforward, narrative and elaborate. This site has been designed very simple and compressible layout for all visitors. During my working tenure I have to work with several worlds famous Apparel Brand, so now I would like to share on all of my practical experience with others. From my point of view, there is not much enough resources to learn the technical terms of garments merchandising. I will try to illustrate all of my practical experience in details as like a merchandising E-book.

My aim is to present about excellence merchandising knowledge and resources to geographically remote viewers via the Internet. Moreover, I have an endeavor to gather and circulate information pertaining to the quickly changing garment industry including manufacturing processes, research, development, distribution, and end-usage.

If anyone wishes to share their opinion, experience, problems & solutions which are connected with apparel segment, kindly send your article with source details, your full name & current profession to us ( I will try to post that article on this blog. As it is an ongoing course of action, I will be continuously upgrading the look and contents of the sites and also encourage experts to share their valuable experiences, knowledge for making clear to others.

If anyone who is determining to work with garments factory to improve working environment and living standard of garments workers then you are always welcome. If you need any information regarding garment factories working trend then just send me a mail with your requirement details. I am always happy to extend my helping hand to you.

This site has devoted for those students and professionals who wish to know new trends in fashion and want to gather better skills to enter into the present contest. Your valuable comments and necessary advice will encourage me to write more post. Interested person can contact me trough below mailing address, thanking you for being with us.

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