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Growing history of Zipper

Zipper is one of the greatest inventions to modernize civilization. We all are using zipper in our everyday life in clothing, tents, luggage etc. No other alternative instead of zipper has yet been invented. A short chronological history of zipper has given below.
Zipper History
growing history zipperElias Howe, the creator of the sewing machine, had got a patent for an appliance named An Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure In 1851, which had a comparable task to the new zipper. But it was never
brought to light.
Mr. Whitcomb L. Judson was another inventor who got the second patent in 1893. His device later called Clasp Locker; he modified zippers mechanism and produced hook less fasteners for boots and shoes. He tried to market through the Universal Fastener Company.

Gideon Sundback, a Swedish-born Canadian electrical engineer, had excellent design skills. He was the top designer of Universal Fastener Company. He and his wife Elvira Aronson were engaged in improving zipper mechanism. They dedicated themselves to invent the new zipper. But unfortunately, Sundback’s wife died in 1911. Sundback’s was disheartened and fully engaged himself to continue the remaining task. Though many people tried to improve zipper quality for a long time but this couple attempt got success in 1913. The patent was issued in 1917 to make an improved fastener. After that Sundback also upgrade manufacturing machine for the new zipper. After that during the 1st World War, Navy and military designers obtained zippers for military jackets and back packs, eventually helping the respectability of the device’s strength. It is mention-able that B.F.Goodrich Company introduced the name of zipper firstly to all in 1923.

Erich Heilmann started Zip fastener production in 1936, but Opti-lon developed the first mass produced nylon spiral zip fastener in the world in 1955. Today zipper is the most extensive fastener and is applied to clothing, luggage, leather goods, campaign gear, fashion aspects and different other objects.

At present thousands of zipper mills produced daily to meet the needs of consumers. Zippers are available today due to the incredible patience of many investors, thanks to the reasonable efforts of the many prominent zipper inventors.

: Zippers find quite popular application in fashion products such as bags, jackets, trousers, jeans pant, tent etc.

There are five major parts of the zipper which are 1) Tape 2) Teeth 3) Slider 4) Stopper 5) Runner.

(1) It is easy to open and close, and also durable.

(2) A garment opening can be opened or closed more quickly with a zipper than any other closure. But zipper may be costlier than buttons.

3) Easy to match with garments color.

To procure Zipper: Zipper is very important and interesting closures of garments opening.
The manufacturing process of zipper is very complicated and prolong. So, we have to clear some points to erase hassle afterward before submitting zipper order to supplier. We have to inform those following points during order placement to supplier.

1. Usually, we follow some local requirement during zipper procurement such as a right-hand zipper or left-hand zipper to attach the zipper with body for male & female items. It’s also essential for fashion trend. So please make sure from your buyer before place purchase order to zipper supplier.

2. Have to remove slider item name, number etc. if exists, feature, slider color etc.

3. Have to remove zipper tape quality, teeth quality as well as color etc. We should remember that mostly zipper teeth and tape are color fast and before order thinks to match the garment color after wash.

4. Have to specify slider puller logo design, color etc. if exists.

5. Have to specify order quantity, size, price etc.

6. Have to clear desired delivery date.

7. Should acknowledge before zipper supplier about surface treatment if it will use any washable style.

We always suggest merchandisers that they should fix the zipper length after consult with production technician as well as pattern maker if not they may fall in big trouble.

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