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How to measure button size by Ligne?

Ligne is a French word which means “line” and it is shortened with the letter of L.
L’ letter stands for Ligne (size code). And it is used to recognize button size internationally.
Ligne is a liner unit (1/40 inch) used to measure the diameter of buttons. The free Dictionary has the exact meaning if you desire to know details of ligne. Button-makers, watchmakers, or hat-makers mostly use Ligne to measure their product size.
Usually, sewing button size is calculated by three units i.e. in mm (millimeter), inch and ligne as per buyer instructions
To fix button size in mm or inch, first we need to measure the dia of button with measurement tape. Now let’s find how to measure button size by ligne. If the Button length (die) is 14 mm then Button ligne will be what?
To measure the button size, we will use Ligne, as we know 1 ligne = 0.635 mm
and If button die is 14 mm:
button size chart
Button die (in mm)/0.635 = button ligne

14 mm/0.635 = 22 L

(L = ligne)

Result = 22 L

Would you please think about a shirt without button. What are you thinking? Is it possible? The answer is no. Whether it is for men or women, it should have buttons at their wearer. Button is an essential element to make a fashionable wearer.

Suppose, if a jacket has 8 buttons and total order quantity of that jacket is 3780 pieces then figure out total button quantity in G.G?

Answer: 8 x 3780/1728 = 17.5 G.G

Formula: number of buttons for each garments X volume of order / 1728 (1 G.G = 1728 pieces)

As we know,

* 12 Pieces = 1 Dozen,

* 12 Dozen = 1 Gross,

* 12 Gross = 1 G.G (1728 pieces)

Note: Minimum 3% additional quantity should add in consumption to erase hassle in bulk production like shortage, defect & damage etc.


A kids jacket contains 8 buttons, and total order quantity is about 5000 pcs. Let us find out total button quantity for the order.

Answer: 8 × 5000 ÷ 1728 = 23.15 GG (GG means Great Gross)

(Formula: number of buttons per product × order quantity ÷ 1728)

(1 GG = 1728 pcs)

For a new entrepreneur:

1) For setting up a medium button industry, someone needs to invest around $10, 00,000- $12, 50,000 as initial capital.

2) Such sectors can produce around 12,000-15,000 G.G (Great Gross- 1 G.G= 1728 pieces) buttons monthly. Exporting price of these buttons is almost $.15 Million
3) Resin is the basic raw materials to produce plastic button what can be collected from Italy, Taiwan, or Singapore.
Modern button manufacturer is using Italian machinery with excellent environmental friendly raw materials such as free from harmful RSL substances like lead, cadmium, nickel, chromium and other dangerous items to assure the optimum quality of goods. Their diverse product line consists of Side Logo buttons, Color Logo, Triangular shape, 3Hole, Flower, Down Hole, Shank, Fish-eye buttons among much more. Some company has state of the art polyester button facility & integrated sewing thread dyeing factories set up. Your valuable comments and necessary advice will encourage me 🙂

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