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Leading thread manufacturing companies growing history and production process

Even many tribes knew which local plants and trees gave them the best fiber for their daily necessity. Thread is always an essential ingredient for stitching ever since man discovered the need of clothing for fashion or passion. Thread has been necessary to humans since the first garments were made for warmth and protection.

During the Industrial Revolution in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, sewing thread production moved out from the cottages and ran into factories with well furnished high-speed machines. The automatic machine generates a more consistent thread with fewer defects what could meet the demand of fashion conscious people. Up gradation of sewing thread technology helped to boost apparel industry. Engineers who design sewing thread are known as seam engineers.
They are expertise in the realistic aspects of sewing, clothing manufacture and sewing machine action. Usually, manufacturers make research and market demand cautiously before attempting to introduce a new sewing thread. Then a prototype thread is prepared and tested under actual use conditions to realize its function ability. The best thread has to meet the demands of new and ever-changing markets. Thus, continuous advancement of sewing process helps to meet the fashion conscious people’s fascination.

Thread Manufacturing Process:

Thread industry is following different mechanism to produce the finest thread. Please refer to below sketches to watch some thread manufacturing process.
cotton thread production
schappe thread production
polyester thread production
nett silk production

Usually, leading thread company provides contrast quality and product variation. They are using world class modern equipment, a highly sophisticated lab, and a skilled technical team. Their thread brings in a wide range of color options across the shade book and assuring every shade of satisfaction. Various improvements of the thread industry have given a wide variety of choices along with superior qualities. Please find some historical information of leading thread Companies.

Leading Thread Company:
Coats: Coats is the world’s leading thread company serving for over 200 years. Coats have a very rich heritage with worldwide presence connecting innovative ideas and passion for the perfect seam. Coats history began from 1755 under the guidance of James and Patrick Clark family in the Scottish city of Paisley. In 1812 the Clark brothers established a factory for the production of threads; Later on James Coats began the production of sewing threads in 1826, also in Paisley. Both brothers became famous as yarn manufacturers and merged in 1896. A spinning mill was considered one of the first integrated businesses from this development at that time.
Coats were one of the first global companies who produce the first sewing thread for household purposes, then a thread for industry, the latter making the sewing machine a reality. The company was also known as one of the five largest listed corporate houses in the world. The company is growing up by adding new products, innovations, research, and development. Their products are internationally recognized for consistency, quality, and durability. Moreover, their products are effectual in the most desired applications. Coats operate to a global specification for these threads, and a central team continually audits quality.
A&E: On the other hand, A&E is another market leading thread manufacturer who has the heritage of business about 120 years. A&E history started from 1891, on what was known as Dutchman’s Creek. Charles Egbert Hutchison launched Nims Manufacturing Company with six investors. Much diversification and affiliation, A&E continued to grow, expanding across the country and world. A&E continues to align its capability by increasing its global product offerings through the acquisitions of consumer’s faith.
A&E is doing business smoothly by surviving the threat of competitors. A&E is a high-quality thread manufacturer that delivers superior service and value to their consumers. A&E has gathered a balance through the finest digitized machinery and skilled technicians to bring out the most excellent products for esteemed customers. Their products go through extreme quality checks and scrutinizing lab tests to produce a premium pool of products for clients at home and abroad.
A&E has enlarged its global facilities vastly to cope up with the effective business strategy. In addition, A&E has developed its technologies infrastructure. This brand has expanded its manufacturing and delivery capacity throughout Asia Pacific. A&E provides various categories of sewing thread for industrial sewing, embroidery and technical textile spontaneously. Eventually, they emphasize on customer’s demand forecast.
Amann: The history of Amann began from 1854 by producing twisted and dyed sewing threads in Bönnigheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany byAlois Amann. In 1904, a new modern factory was set up instead of old sewing thread factory to meet huge demands. Amann is one of the leading international thread manufacturers, who deliver extreme quality sewing and embroidery threads. The company is growing up by adding new products, novelty, research, and development. Amann has a long heritage of producing high-quality thread. Their technical expertise, consistently and adaptability of production and service makes them a powerful player in this arena. Amann’s family took over the old-established enterprise Ackermann-Göggingen AG in 1994.
This amalgamation increases their competence and sharpness in the field of industrial sewing, embroidery thread, and technical textile precipitately. Amann has a long heritage of producing high-quality thread and continues expanding across the
country and world by a good deal of diversification and affiliation. Recently this brand has enhanced its manufacturing and delivery capacity throughout the Asia Pacific. The Year of 2012, Amann launched a new era by setting up a modern production plant in Bangladesh.
Beside this, regionally or globally many other renowned thread industries are well known for fiber mechanisms and gained consumers satisfaction through superior quality, value, and quicker delivery.

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