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How to secure your Zipper

Elegant Use of Zipper: We always try to present such tips which are necessary for our daily lives. Today we are going to deliver a special tip in legacy with that. Please read the feature you might like it. Zipper is a useful little part, and its function is always mysterious. As we know, zipper is a decorative and essential portion of any garments, but sometime zipper slider may make panic due to some unexpected reasons.

Someday it becomes stiff after using for some days. Then it stuck up with the wearer. There exists a risk tendency to be out of order or damage if we pull it to back and forth forcefully. That’s why we cannot pull it many times. Ultimately we cannot go ahead without attaching the zipper.

So, what do you think? How to get rid of this problem? We would like to propose you some options. Let’s find some way to erasing those unexpected hassles.


1) Slider caught in cloth:
The slider may grip on cloth or thread when up and down. Trying to free the slider by forcing may deteriorate the problem. Remove the trapped cloth or thread by pressing the slider back. Do not force back if the slider bites deeply into the cloth, but push it back softly. Please pay extra attention to keep away from the possibility of the zipper getting caught during sewing zippers on garments.

slider caught in fiber
2) Rough closing and opening:
Sometime a slider may not close or open promptly if it spoiled by forcing. Use lubricating spray or paraffin to the front side and back part of the elements and pull the slider up and down several times until it performs well.
to make the slider easy
3) Lose of elements:
The zipper of an overflowing bag may damage if it closed by pressure. An excess load on the components may drive it to slip out from the zipper tape.
Users have to face this kind of problem frequently.So, please rearrange the inside materials of the bag and try to bring the two element’s sides near to each other so that the slider can move more swiftly.
overload bag
4) Appropriate method of cleaning:
A Zipper should be closed and the slider fixed in the proper position before washing. Slider color may damage or the tape may become stretched or may shrink during cleaning.
Sometimes strong bleaching agents used to take away oil or other stains from wearer but should pay extra attention not to melt paraffin or oily film of the component. It would be better if a small piece of fabric temporarily sewn onto zipper slider to protect its color and finishing during washing. If a zipper does not perform well after washing, use lubricating spray or paraffin and pull the slider up and down several times until it works efficiently.
during washing
5) Proper ironing with appropriate heat:
Zippers can be kept durable and beautiful by giving limited heat considering the material of which they are made. The pull-tab of the slider should never be ironed when upright or on the reverse side.
The slider fixed in the proper position before ironing, and the zipper should always be closed. A piece of thin cloth put on the zipper considering of what material it is while ironing.
heat treatment
6) Putting on or removing clothing:
Putting on or removing clothing only after completely opening a zipper. When closing the zipper, the slider should drag easily if the hook or the top button is fastened in advance. If the slider is left in the midway, bottom stop or the slider may damage due to excessive stress is placed on the elements, which items are having the zipper like gloves, boots or accessories should pay extra attention not to face these kinds of problems.
Zipper slider becomes rude if we wash the garment by salty water. If the zipper is made of metal, you can scratch both upper and lower sides of the chain with the pencil graphite’s sharp edge. The zipper will function able again. You can also apply wax and soap to scratch. It is also helpful. Ultimately, you can use cotton soaked in oil of coconut if previous two methods go in vain. Now pull the chain slowly. You will be amazed that the zipper is performing again.

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