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SOP of Material Control Department in Garment Industry

Material control department (MCD) of garment industry has to do several tasks to expedite production. They have to execute following tasks smoothly:
1. Documents.
2. Receive.
3. Inventory.
4. Issue.
5. Balance
1: Order status receives from merchandiser/sales.
2: Assortment receives from merchandiser/sales.
3: Material list (PR) receives from merchandiser/sales.
4: Prepare fabric status & accessories status according to the material list (PR) our# wise.
5: Make a file with material list (PR), Fabric status & accessories status our# wise.
6: Prepare fabric statement item wise by excel according to material list consumption or approved consumption.
7:  Shipping documents (Invoice, P/List & B/L) receive from merchandiser/sales and keeping buyer wise in a box file (Name: Shipping documents file).
store room8: IP copy of invoice & B/L receives with import serial# from import section and keeping in box file (Name: will-come file).
9:  Make “MRR” (material receiving report) buyer wise & consignment-wise by excel file which informs to merchandiser/sales by email.
10: Prepare “MIR” (material inventory report) after physical inventory with inventory person sign, team leader sign & MCD manager sign.
1: Receive invoice and packing list.
2: Receive number of PKG’s mentioning in the packing list firstly.
3: Find out if any package missed.
4: Separate materials order basis.
5: First check the package based on the packing list and write down if found deference.
6: Check the materials order basis and write down in the fabric status & accessories status (printed format).
7: Check the package if broken and keep statement from C&F agent. If necessary, please take photography.
Note: please do not neglect to find out all packages from your packing list in receiving period.
1: Make some preparation for inventory which you received materials.
2: Go into inventory physically.
3: Check materials with details packing list and take materials sample for color swatch.
4: Check the materials quality, color, size, and qty.
5: Check the qty PC by PC or by weight.
6: Keep the materials style or order basis.
7: Write down style #, our no#, item, color, size, quantity on the package.
8: Keep requires quantity in the difference style/order if you receive a lot of materials.
9: Fill up your style/order fabric status & accessories status in the input column by date.
10: Check fabric roll by roll based on packing list & swatch.
11: Check rolls width and length/yards randomly.
12: Check the roll randomly if any.
Issue system of materials
1. Please check below point before issue.
2: Receive requisition from production dept. (sewing, cutting, packing, and sub-store, down section, embroidery section, printing section).
3: Check requisition with material list (PR).
4: Check actual consumption; confirm item, quantity, size, color etc. before issuing.
5: Check the materials at the issuing time.
6: Make Delivery Challan against requisition & actual issue quantity.
7: Mention style#, our#, item, size, color, qty etc. and also mention reason if any.
8: Take receivers sign with confirmation of indicating items, size, color, quantity etc. with receiving.
9: Take approval sign from authorized person of the company.
10: Fill up fabric status & accessories status in the output column by date.
1: Receive requisition from cutting section.
2: Receive consumption certificate from cutting section.
3: Check with material list (PR).
4: Confirmed issued qty.
5: Make adjustment if you have any over or less issue in cutting section.
Balance materials
1: Check your each style balance materials from your file.
2: Check similar style item balances qty. If you have any short, you can use from other style balance.
3: Make color swatch of balance items.
4: Check balance quantity with register.
5: Make an inventory sheet for balance stock.
6: Arrange to transfer to slow moving stock after season finish.
Storage of goods
When you receive materials, you have to arrange space for checking/inventory. So, please note below points.
1: Arrange blank space.
2: Arrange to keep full materials according to your invoice and packing list.
3: Keep fabric and accessories separately.
4: Keep the accessories separately against each order/style.
5: Keep the fabric separately item and color wise.
6: Keep common items buyer wise.
7: If you receive materials mixed item, color, size and quantity for different style and order. Please keep style/order wise after checking.
Note: Please do not keep with mixer any materials. We have to issue those materials according to particular style and order.
Over Consumption/Reject Portion
1: Received actual consumption from cutting section.
2: Check actual consumption between material list (PR) and inform to merchandiser/ sales.
3: Make a revised status of material based on actual consumption.
4: Ensure qty about stock when you are issuing any over consumption qty to the cutting section.
5: Check your stock if you have any less consumption fabric.
6: Check your stock if you have any excess fabric (received qty).
7: Consumption of each style should check very carefully.
8: Inform to merchandiser/ sales team about over consumption item and qty.
1: Check consumption with material list (PR) and actual marker.
2: Check item width & marker.
3: Make and statement based on material list (PR) and actual (over or less consumption)
1: Check requisition with material list (PR).
2: Check consumption between material list (PR) and actual consumption.
3: Issue correct item, color, size and qty as per color swatch.
4: Issue materials against requisition.
5: Write down your accessories status output column at the same time.
6: Make Delivery Challan very carefully.
7: Take prompt action against balance materials with merchandiser/sales.
Reject Quality
1: Ensure defective quality with quality dept. before use.
2: Confirm with merchandiser/ sales dept. on time.
3: Check yours in hand stocks or slow moving stock.
4: Arrange to replace defective qty from your available in hand stock or another style.
5: Arrange to replace from merchandiser/sales if necessary.
6: Arrange to ship back defective qty by discussing with merchandiser/sales.
1: Ensure the rejected item with the quality dept.
2: Confirm with merchandiser/sales dept.
3: Arrange to issue from available stock or another style.
4: Arrange to replace from merchandiser/sales dept.
5: Arrange to ship back by discussing with merchandiser/sales dept.
Checkpoint of Fabric/Accessories
1: Check the fabric according to your color swatch item, color.
2: Check the fabric width according to packing list & fabric tag.
3: Check the fabric length according to packing list & fabric tag.
4: Check the fabric rejects point.
1: Check the accessories according to your color swatch.
2: Check the items according to detail items mentioning material list, packing list.
3: Check the item and qty color, size etc.
4: Check the items measurement as per your required size.
5: Check the zipper teeth, slider quality, and logo etc.
6: Check the measurement of each number of packages.
7: Check the qty of each number of packages.
Conversion of slow moving stock
1. Confirmed your leftover qty between your register after season finish.
2. Make packing list and color swatch for leftover materials.
3. Inform to merchandiser/sales leftover qty with swatch for using next order.
Physical Inventory
1. Prepare updated balance qty of each item.
2. Count your stock physically.
3. Fill up inventory tag.
4. Put the tag on the items rack & packages.
5. Show your items to the physical inventory committee.
6. Prepare a summary report against your inventory tag.
7. Prepare value status of your each item.
8. Compare with your closing balance qty and value.
9. Make adjusted for each items opening balance.
10. Prepare difference amount and qty.
Act to be done under materials controlling dept.
1. Confirm over consumption figure with production and sales team.
2. Check your receiving qty and stock qty.
3. You have to inform merchandiser/sales team all kind of material situations.
4. You have to co-operation with production for feedback of materials.
5. You have to contact with production for material consumption.
6. You have to advise sub-store for materials receive, issue, and consumption.
7. You have to monitor with sub-store for materials current, leftover etc.
8. You have to advise to cutting for styles issue, fabric situation consumption etc.
9. You have to hand over materials to the quality dept. For quality check and ensure your materials quality.
10. You have to contact with import dept. against your materials import situation and documents.
Responsibility of Work
1. When you are receiving materials, you are the responsible man for received qty.
2. You are responsible for all items, qty, and quality (no. of package, qty, size, and color etc.).
3. You are responsible for the shortage of materials.
4. When you issue any materials you are the responsible for issued qty and quality etc.
5. You are responsible for balance stock qty and quality.
6. You are responsible for documents, which is prepared by you.
7. You are the main in charge to prepare any kinds of report (MRR consignment-wise, inventory report, Delivery Challan etc.
8. You have to make assurance if you did any receiving, delivery Challan, and stock.
9. You can’t refuse anything if you were done.
10. You are responsible for your job description.
11. You are accountable for your document, preparing, filing, and reporting.
12. You are responsible for all receiving, issuing, and balance materials.
13. You are responsible for keeping your file update.
14. You are responsible for feedback the materials of production.
15. You are responsible for all kind’s raw materials controlling and store accounting.

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