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Tight denim pants especially skin tight is injurious to legs!

Jeans is an evergreen desired substance which admired by all around the world considering of gender, age, season, occasion, region, fashion, and passion. The common reasons for getting the popularity of this wearer are stability, comfort, feeling, appearance and flexibility. Though denim was invented as labor cloth considering its durability but currently it has become most beloved wearer to the fashion conscious people in the world. Stretchable Denim is more admired than regular denim, because of their elasticity, fit, and stylish look.But regret to say that tight denim pants especially skin tight is injurious to legs. It also creates a problem in vain of legs. A team of expert physician proclaimed like that last week. A documentary has been published recently in Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry magazine about it. The news was telecast on last Tuesday at BBC Online.

Tight jeansA 35 years old Australian woman was working at home by wearing tight denim Pantaloon according to feature. All of a sudden her one leg pant portion grasps her leg very forcefully. As a resultant, her keg’s muscle was swelling and benumbed. She was unable to stand on her foot or walk. Eventually, she was under treatment of a physician and spent four days in a hospital. Then physician cut the portion of pant and saved her leg. She got compartment syndrome disease according to the doctor. Her condition had been the worst due to skin denim.

Compartment syndrome disease is very painful. It happened because of blood blockage in the leg. That’s why the woman could not walk easily. Even the woman could not be able to stand on her legs properly. She had to spend time by lying on the floor. Royal Adelaide Hospital examined and discovered that her legs swelled. Eventually, she was able to walk without the help of others after 04 days treatment. In addition, nowadays doctors said that they had found more patients with this problem like compartment syndrome disease. They advised us to prefer loose jeans to feel comfort or avoid skinny jeans. So be careful, girls, those skinny jeans can be a health hazard.
A survey accomplished by TENA Men at Great Britten and discovered one out of ten have had discomfort problem with wearing skinny jeans. If this is the matters then why consumers still love skinny jeans? Answer is it will make them slim fit, sexy and looking good. But it is a fact that people can do anything for fashion.
In recent research, some doctors found that ultra-tight “skinny” jeans are causing leg-related health problems. They said, “Tight jeans never designed to give us comfort shape that we have, and that’s why we fall in trouble.” It always designed to increase our dashing look or sex appeal. Tight clothing like skinny jeans may damage human reproductive functions. If a person wears tight jeans, frequently that will limit the mobility of hip joints. Those who love skinny jeans frequently suffer from “tight pants syndrome,” like as pain in the thighs, burning and tingling feeling in the legs, heartburn or chronic heartburn, abdominal discomfort or cavity, and belching from wearing those skin-tight slacks.
Lot of harmful hazards occurred by ultra-tight “skinny” jeans like stretching of joint capsules, and negatively affects the spine, reduced lymph flow from the pelvis, improper immune system function and poor blood circulation, pain in the thighs, compression of nerves, heat castration which undermines the sperm-forming process and reduces the quality of semen. If you love denim wearer, then doctors prescribed you to buy jeans which are made with cotton and some Lycra to give it flexible look to prevent damage at the lower sensitive portion of your body.

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