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Can Supporting Charity Help You to Sell Your Apparel?

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When you are an apparel merchandiser, you might constantly be looking for new and innovative ways to make more sales and encourage customers to buy the products that you are promoting to them. If you feel as if you have tried all the latest techniques, you should consider getting the business in question to support a charity, and here is why.

· Improves Public Perception

Getting the brand that you are working with to support a charity is a great way to boost their sales. This is because supporting a charity can improve the public’s perception of them. When the company in question supports a charity, they can be seen as generous and as if they genuinely care about their mission and positively impact their local community and the world at large. Many potential customers now do a lot of research on brands before they commit to a purchase, and they want to make sure that they are shopping with ethical companies that have the right values at heart. This means that your brand should clarify what charities they support and how they do so.

If you are the apparel merchandiser for a business that wants to start donating to charity, you should show them how to do this online. They might not have done this previously because they believe it to be a hassle. However, it is easy to make charitable contributions on the internet as most charities have websites with donation buttons on them. This will allow the business owner to choose how much they want to give and how often they want to do this. This can prevent donating to charity from becoming a chore while giving your business the benefit of improved public perception.

· Encourages Customers to Buy Your Products

Supporting a charity can also encourage customers to buy the products you are trying to sell them. This is especially the case if the company in question is going to donate money to the charity they are supporting for every purchase. Rather than feeling guilty about spending money or worrying about the cost, customers are generally happier to pay higher prices if they know that their money will go to a good cause and not simply be turned into profit. For instance, you might encourage your company to give 5% of the money they make on items toward the charity of their choice.

· Increases Awareness of Brand

It is also important that businesses support and give to charity as this can increase awareness of their brand. Not only will the charity in question likely speak about the businesses they are working with, but working with a charity also gives you a lot of content for your social media campaigns and website, which is easily shareable and can get people interested in what you offer.

· Improves Designs Sent to Manufacturers

Supporting a charity can also improve the clothing designs that you are sending to manufacturers, especially if you decide to collaborate with artists and the charity in question to develop beautiful and eye-catching designs for your charity products. This can encourage customers to shop with you regardless of whether they support the charity or are interested in their work or not.