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Introduction of Merchandising

The word merchandising has become very popular in young generation. And the job of merchandiser has also taken very popular dimension in the world. Merchandise means goods that are bought & sold. It is as simple as taking the product from a company and selling it to the customer. Merchandising is the techniques, practices, and operations used to promote, encourage and carry on particular categories of commercial activity. The concept of marketing and merchandising has somewhat emerged from the cover of the phrase merchandising.

fashionMarketing refers to promotion, delivery and sales of a product to the customer while merchandising means planning, development and presentation (product or product line) for a target group/market in respect of prices, assortment, timing, styling etc. Merchandising department is the pivotal center for coordinating the development of merchandise, its design, and realization of design and up to the delivery of the merchandise to the customer. The job of merchandisers has of late become very challenging and complex due to a number of reasons:

1. Frequent fashion change.
2. Complex channels of distribution and sales.
3. Growing complexity of line and product development.
4. Increasing emphasis on Quick Response relationship between buyer – vendor – customers etc.
Merchandising refers to the promotional techniques used to sell the product to customers. The easiest way to classify merchandising is to say that it is the technique how to sell a product to a targeted group. A merchandiser is someone who procures a product from a manufacturer and then sells it to shoppers or consumers.
In the wide range, we can say, merchandisers are increasingly engaged in sourcing and securing orders, to make regular communicate and negotiation, preparing materials list, sourcing suppliers and their materials, planning, ensure product quality, follow up production up to shipment etc.

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