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Why cutting QC is essential in apparel industry?

In a compliance garment industry cutting section must exist  QA Inspection people. Before fabric cutting quality people must check fabric item and then give green signal to start cutting. QA Inspection team will maintain following procedure in cutting section. Please find following Q.A activities in cutting section at a glance: –

1. Follow up fabric receiving by cutting section.
2. Check rolls ticket information/report.
3. Check lab test report.
4. Consider shade group as well as compare with fabric inspection summary report what provided by material department -Q.A.
5. Collect original sample to check all part of garments item in marker paper.
6. If shade/shading are OK, then allow for layering.
7. Prepare layer report.
8. Cut panel inspection: do it randomly/100% what required based on the situation.
9. Maintain log book.
10. Prepare cut panel inspection report.
11. Dispatch report to concern authority to take necessary steps.

Cutting section is one of that portions who play a vital role in the garment industry. But during cutting process, many quality issues may arise, hence cutting QC essential in apparel industry. After cutting usually, we may found 2% reject due to knitting, dyeing and finishing faults by cutting QC.
This reject value is shown below
Suppose, factory cutting department’s daily cutting quantity is 25, 000 pieces/day and as we know cutting QC team may found 2% reject for knitting, dyeing and finishing faults.
If each garments value is minimum $3.5 dollars and manpower of cutting department are 128 and if their daily salary is $614.
Then total reject is 25, 000 x 2% = 500 pieces/day
So, if we convert the reject amount in US$, then total amount will be = 500 x $1
= $500/- Day
= Monthly reject amount will be = $500 x 25 (considering 25 working day)
= $12,500
= $12, 500 – $614
= $11,886
If factory having cutting QC team, they can save $11,886 each month.
In the above circumstances, we can understand that the importance and necessity of cutting QC team in apparel industry. Cutting QC team will minimize fabric wastage, minimize claim issue, minimize finished garment’s rejection, increase production capability, increase factories goodwill and quality team faith etc.

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