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Jeans care at home

There is no need to clarify the popularity of denim garments. Jeans are now a very popular casual wearer all over the world. There is a proverb, “Denim Never Dies because it will fascinate people generation to generation.” Thus, it is well-known as evergreen fashion wearer. Jeans has been used in America since the late 18th century for considering as casual wear, uniforms or labor costume. Though initially jeans were invented for cowboys but later it became popular among young generation for its simplicity, flexibility, diversity, and durability. Jeans first launched in the city of Genoa, in Italy as a casual wearer. After that, the city of Nimes, French, weavers tried to improve the fabric content but initially failed to modify much. However, after their long endless effort, they customized another twill fabric that became known as denim.
jeans careActually, the word ‘denim’ first introduced to us by the name of a heavy fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the André family. Originally called Serge de Nîmes, the name was soon shortened to denim. Lee, Levi’s, and Wrangler are some well-known leading brand who modifies jeans mechanism frequently and had a great contribution to make it stylish. These companies did a lot of experiment with this item to make it delightful among consumers. However, after their long continuous attempt and vision, Jeans come in various fits including tapered, slim, skinny, baggy, straight, Low waist, narrow bottom, boot cut, flare, anti-fit, and so on. Jeans are always the hottest denim trend for everyone because it is comfortable, stylish, versatile and also flattering on most every figure.
Jeans are always most exciting element to all men and women as a daily wearer. Many of us think it will make them sexier than other casual wearers. I know you can procure cheap jeans from market, but personally, I always prefer to buy the finest quality because I guess you will never feel the real test from those so-called cheapest jeans. Choose the right pair of extraordinary designers jeans – so worth the money!! You cannot imagine that your jeans are lasting forever, as they are worn regularly and in a rougher way than any other wearers. No other cotton fabric goes through the same treatment as a pair of jeans that are worn almost every day. Even, though jeans are made of tightly cotton twill woven fabric but care is needed to increase its durability.
Please gather more information about caring instruction of jeans before going to wash. Now most of the jeans are available in the shopping mall are stone washed what decreased the chance of discoloring of your beloved jeans. But it could become faded due to washing variation. “Many of us soak the jeans dress under water with detergent for one and half hours or more. As a resultant, jeans became discolored. Don’t marinate any dress more than 15-20 minutes under water.” It would be better if we read attached care label instruction before going to wash. Some tips may follow that would help you to keep your jeans looking fresh like new for a long time, and you can enjoy them again and again.
Following tips has compiled for you that I may refer you to care your favorite jeans:
1) Jeans should be washed as soon as they become dirty. Fresh dirt can easily be removed. Sometimes it makes trouble if dirt gets stuck deeply.
2) Detergent or soap is not allowed during first time wash. If we use those washing ingredients during first wash, product may lose its shine appeal. After procuring jeans from a market rinse wash is preferable for first time wash.
3) Jeans should be washed in cold water. This way will prevent them from fading and from shrinking.
4) Dry clean is not preferable though it will make them excellent, gorgeous and stay looking good for several additional days, the washing ingredients in the dry cleaning is bad for the fabric.
5) It would be better not to use jeans dress more than three or four days continuously. Thus, dust may found in the wearer and lose its actual color. It is also not hygienic for human life.
6) Many of us do wring/twist/squeeze their jeans roughly after washing. It will make crease mark on your favorite jeans and have a chance to damage webbing composition. Jeans should be rinsed in enough water and water should be removed by pressing between palms softly. It would not be squeezed roughly. So after wash, please lay flat to dry.
7) Jeans could be discolored if we use shampoo as washing ingredient. Moreover, the color of colored shampoo will be added to the wearer as well.
8) It would be better if you wash your jeans inside out and with other dark colors.
9) Many of us keep their dress after using at wardrobe or somewhere but it’s not a good practice at all. So, it is advised to wash denim wearer once used. Otherwise, wearer could be discolored.
10) Vinegar is a virgin item that can be used for first time wash. For first time wash if add one cup household vinegar to your brand new jeans that would be better. Just soak your jeans in a bucket with cold water and do not use washing powder. It will fix the original color that will not bleed easily during next wash.
11) Though over heat worst for your jeans to keep them looking fresh for longer, iron them with steam. Steam will make the jeans look crispier and for several additional uses before you have to wash them again.
12) It is better to wear jeans after pressing or ironing so that wearer could retain the shining appearance.
13) Don’t dry your jeans in a dryer because over temperature is worst for the fabric and it will shorten the tenure of your favorite jeans. Try to avoid hot water and hot dryer if possible.
14) For long time preservation, after washing, please dry your jeans well and keep it any dry, cool place with silica gel to protect from fungus.
15) When you have time, wash your jeans carefully by hand in a hot tub, and then soak them for 15 minutes in the mixture of cold water with mild detergent. After that rinse them for another 10 minutes in fresh cold water, then hang them by a hanger to dry.
I have tried to gather some tricks to keep your denim ever fit. You may prefer some of them to increase the tenure of your beloved jeans. You may have another idea what you use frequently. Please share your thoughts with us.

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