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SOP of Washing Operator

Washing operator has to pass a long time in the moist and contaminated environment. They have to do hard task all day long at there. So, they should follow some steps to increase smoothness and secure their job.

A) Operating Washing machine:

* Should wear P.P.E items like apron, gumboot, hand gloves, mask, goggles and earplug.

* Switch on the main power board after wearing gumboot.
* Then switch on the start button (red color) of the machine.
* Check machine cleanliness after opening its cover.
* Check washing water whether it is clear or not.
Washing Room

* After reading washing recipe properly then place the wearer into the washing machine.

* Close the inside door and exterior cover safely.
* Put the washing chemical into the machine according to the recipe.
* Then pour boiling water according to the recipe.
* Need to check chronologically and maintain the timeline.
* Drag the wearer from washing machine after a certain period.
* Close the washing machine again after clarifying.
* Switch off the power of the machine.
B) Operating Hydro Extractor:
* Check machine cleanliness after opening its cover.
* Keep off the machine and place the wet dress bit by bit slightly.
* Cover it with another piece of dry fabric safely.
* Upon the wet dress, please place a dry fabric for safety purpose.
* Lock the exterior lock after closing cover.
* Switch on the hydro extractor machine.
* Keep the machine active till specific time according to the recipe.
* Switch off the power line.
* Stop the running machine by pulling its break.
* Pick up all wearer chronologically after opening its cover.
* Close the cover again after clarifying the machine.
C) Operating Dryer machine:
* Check machine cleanliness after opening its cover.
* Keep off the machine and place the wet dress bit by bit slightly.
* By closing door, start the dryer machine and fix standard time.
   Apply steam according to the recipe.
* Check dress condition some time after opening the door.
* Evacuate the dried wearer after definite period.
* Switch off the machine after closing door again.
As we know washing plant exist slippery and contaminated environment, so washing authority always has to care to keep that area neat and clean for their smooth work. Moreover, washing plant should have much ventilation system to exhaust loud and keep it dry and cool.

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