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QA Inspection Procedure in Cutting Section

In a compliance garment industry cutting section must exist  QA Inspection people. Before fabric cutting quality people must check fabric item and then give green signal to start cutting. QA Inspection team will maintain following procedure in cutting section.

1. After receiving fabric by cutting section, cutting QA personnel collects all types of report from material control QA department. First shade group should be compared with fabric roll and lab test report. If both reports are OK, then proceed to layer Inspection.

2. Layer inspection: – Cutting personnel should check style#/fabric Item/fabric surface/hand feel and need to compare with the trim card. Check side center side shading/running shading and need to compare with store (MCD) shading report. Confirm roll-to-roll shade variation and check marker position based on fabric nature, fabric width, cutting table length etc. Smoothly check all spreading layer and defects area indicate by paper and compare with material department individual fabric inspection report. Maintain layer inspection report and logbook.

3. Before cutting any fleece fabric or padding item, QA personnel need to send that item for GSM (Grams Square Miter) checking through lab test and collect the lab result for proceeding.fabric shade group

4. After cutting the layer QA personnel ensures cut panel accuracy with pattern although check any cutting discrepancies in component and make cut panel accuracy Report.

5. Table Inspection: – Once receives the bundling issue at first table QA personal check bundle ticket/confirms the style and fabric surface. Cutting QA personal check only paper indicates cut panel. If get any information from layer (Yellow Tag & others) check 100% cut panel before issuing to the production line and findings defect panel to take out from the bundle for replacement and maintain cut panel inspection report/summary report and logbook.
6. After checking the cut panel, cutting QA indicate embroidery panel to send the embroidery room.
7. Heat Transfer Label: – At first QA personnel checks the machine adjustment time/temperature and pressure as per nature of heat transfer Logo. After attached mock-up panel, QA people submit to the lab for test peels off test (recommended 3/5 cycle wash) & storage test (72 hours). If lab test results are OK, then attach the logo considering matching time, temperature and pressure. Cutting QA should check 100% panel before forwarding to the production line. Make sure heat transfer label inspection & maintain log book. Every week, QA personnel should submit 3/4 panel (color wise) for lab test.
8. Fusing part: – First adjust the machine speed/temperature and make mock-up then send for lab test. If lab result is OK, then run the machine for fusing attaches same speed/temperature.
9. QA related all inspection report dispatching to related section cutting and sales.

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