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Increment rate 28% but still not happy Cambodians garment workers!

cambodiaCambodia is a developing country in South East Asia. According to World Bank, 20% people of Cambodia are earning about $1.25 per day. Getting a suitable job in Cambodia is very tough. RMG sector being spread up in Cambodia as it is a populated country.

Increase of wages

Recently the government of Cambodia has increased the wages of workers after long movement. But this attempt could not please the agitator; the workers are not still happy. As a resultant, uncertainty remain exists in RMG sector of Cambodia.

The government of Cambodia has decided to increase 28% of wages in last week. The new wage will be $128 instead of $100. This new wages will be enacted from 1st January 2014. The labors were engaged in defiance and sit-down strike for many days. The Labor Minister of Cambodia discuss with garments owner, labor federation, government officials in a summit and spoke that the lifestyle would be enhanced after this new wages implementation. In addition, he also hoped that the owners would be able enough to remit the wages within time.But, the labors are not still happy with this new wages. They are looking for more. The president of the Coalition of Cambodian Apparel Workers Democratic Union said, “Increment is not enough.” It may not hit the satisfactory level. We demanded, at least, $140 per month. Though we demand was around $177 per month. We have deducted some portion of the amount as the government requested us for minimization. But, this nominal increment is not acceptable at all. So, we afraid the labors will resist themselves from the movement or not. The labor’s organization will show their reaction after discussion.

The prospective RMG sector of Cambodia is going on under bad situation right now. They are not happy with their current wages and working environment. Moreover, some people died because of the clash between the labors and the cops last January 2014. The numbers of blue and white workers are about 60 million and 50 thousand in Cambodia. It is one of the best industries which earn numerous numbers of foreign remittances. This industry made 5.5 billion USD last year. The renowned brand’s wearers like Zara, Puma, H & M, Levis, and GAP have procured garments from Cambodia.

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