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Fashion Trend

Let’s talk about fashion trend at different region of the universe

Many cultures exist in different regions with diverse, trendy fashion simultaneously. It is a natural trend that people will chase fashion to make them lucrative. People like to impress each other via haute couture. Fashionable dresses are just like an obsession to young people, and they could go beyond their budget for suitable dresses. Now, we are going to write an almost verbatim report from “business insider” including our data regarding suitable clothes and cultures of different regions.

1) Dhaka, Bangladesh:

dhakaFrom the lowest to the highest view, from the deepest to the brightest hue, life threads of this region on with music, color, and mood. People of Dhaka like to wear colorful trendy dress. Now a day’s young generation prefers casual dress than formal dress. They like denim pant, polo shirt, and slim fit cotton shirt during summer. In addition, girls like three pieces, legging, tops and lightweight denim wearer. The women like to wear saree and blouse as always. Men prefer Lungi and Punjabi or fatua as it is their traditional wearer. Winter is very short here. But people wear colorful jacket, shawls/scarves, sweaters etc. The rich can afford to wear stylish zip-off hooded jacket, pullover, suit, and blazer etc. From the lowest to the highest view, from the deepest to the brightest hue, life threads of this region on with music, color, and mood.
2) Moscow, Russia:
The city of Moscow is like bone shivering cold, so it affects on their regular dress code. So, most of the time they have to wear heavy dresses but they can wear little light dress during summer. Women of Moscow wear tight jeans and t-shirt during summer. On that season, men like to
wear jeans and long sleeve shirt. They also wear light jacket, hat and like to carry an umbrella. Women wear tight coat with far. Besides this, they like to wear those solid dresses by which can protect winter like padded or down substance, gloves, long boots, and woolen cap or protective far cover with hood etc.
Germany3) Berlin, Germany:
The people of Germany like black color dresses very much. Black is called the “color of mystery.” Most of the people take aside the rules of dress code in the summer season. They replace with casual wearers. Shorts and light sandal are used numerously. Even the businessmen also prefer casual wearers that time to formal dresses. But they wear denim pant, light jacket, and cotton blazer in winter. The people of German take them away from ash color dresses. Thermal dresses, stylish sweaters, hats, gloves and thick skirts are also used side by side.
Argentina4) Buenos Aires, Argentina:
Casual wearer what you mean is very common dress in this city. Jeans are very popular in winter season but cotton or chino pant used during summer. Women use skirts and sling back shoes during summer. Besides this, they like to wear light tops and sandals. Usually, they do not wear shorts or veggie dress.
Egypt5) Cairo, Egypt:
Most of the people of Cairo have to wear the conventional dress due to religious ritual. Usually, men like to wear pant, trouser, and t-shirt but never wear shorts. Women wear loose-fitting linen or cotton trouser what goes to anklets. Moreover, they like to wear sleeved blouse. They always avoid tight, sleeveless and backless wearer to follow religious obligation. Most of the women like to wear yashmak.
Hong-Kong6) Hong- Kong, China:
People of Hong- Kong have to use umbrella due to rainy weather. Thus, umbrella has become a part of fashion in this region. Heavy rainfall is a common scenario. Synthetic and waterproof dresses up are very popular here so that the rain water dries quickly. Besides this, synthetic shoes are admired in this city.
Beirut7) Beirut, Lebanon:
Kaftan dress is lookalike maxi, and it is very familiar to girls in Lebanon. Moreover, they like to use straight skirts and colorful accessories as formal dress up. But they cover themselves from cup-a- pie while going outside or religious program. The men like two button suits, decorative belt, and vest.
netherlands8) Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Leggings are very popular dress among teenagers and women. This is super comfortable and super sexy dress. The woman curvaceous voluptuous body exposes with this. Tight leggings which run till anklet is like an obsession to the feminine sex. Various bright colors and sporty designs are applied on these tights. Many women also wear flat boot in winter with this. Besides this, solid colored zip-off hooded jacket and blazer are worn with denim wearers in winter.

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