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Facts on Fashion Merchandising

Is current universe is the smarter world?

Is current lifestyle is the lucrative one?
Indeed, it is. But how do we identify this? You will have numerous determiners. Fashion is one of those. It is look-alike cover page of a magazine. I have dragged the name of a magazine because most of the fashion related images, news, article, and advertisements are illustrated on page 3 of a newspaper. Now, we should get back to the topic. Fashion is popular custom or style, especially in dress. It varies from person to person, place to place and occasion to occasion. Fashion especially based on current young generation is versatile. On the other hand, style is almost constant.
Facts Fashion Merchandising

Which fashion is followed by the more people is treated as a trend. This is based on people tendency, test, affordability, age group, religious value, culture, and situation. Fashion also boosts our personalities. It covers up, particularly in clothing, accessories, makeup,
jewelry, cosmetics, footwear, body sharp or furniture.

What is Fashion Merchandising?
It’s not easy to define Fashion merchandising by few lines. Range of Fashion merchandising is very wide. We cannot explain it by a single line. It is a career which emphasizes on entire fashion business like product development, product branding, company branding, monetization, and promotion, buying and selling essential fashion commodities. Fashion merchandisers have to engage in material procurement, costing, market research, forecasting, advertisement, promotion, presentation and selling particular types of goods or costumes. They have to execute several types of functions at a time. They should have high ambition, vision, and leadership that must be capable of forecasting upcoming fashion, consumer taste, and market trends. Thus, they will have to depend on their individual market analysis, statistics as well as current trend reports to reach their particular target.
Fashion merchandiser has to play a vital role to increase sell by considering an adverse situation. They should apply innovative ideas to do product development, market research, competitor analysis, sales promotion, exchange of mutual facilities, capacity building, join in an exhibition, price determination, product demand and stock, visual merchandising to attract customer attention.
Types of Jobs
Usually, fashion merchandisers have to appoint to execute several types of jobs in an organization. Retail merchandisers should find a way to display goods and other equipment’s to draw consumer’s attention. Sometimes they do promotional tasks to increase selling. It is their duty to attend trade and fashion shows to choose and procure goods. Moreover, they have to think regarding consumer’s demand, costing, profit and loss, stock as well as inventory.
Fashion merchandisers have to predict and imagine future fashion trends by researching and realizing the tastes of the public. Thus, they usually do market research, dialogue with consumers; evaluate human nature and other types of studies like the chronological changing situation of fashion trend etc.
Fashion merchandisers can deserve lucrative package from authority considering their functions. According to career rating website, fashion merchandisers, average annual salary is about $40,438 to $125,827. This amount is competitive considering other professions. But the salary may depend on individual location, demand, qualification, and expertise etc.
Job nature of fashion merchandising is always very competitive. Every day they have to face a lot of problems and have to solve them smartly. Who has eagerness to this profession should acquire bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising, degree in business administration or marketing is useful to build a career in the field. Master’s degree in business administration is also preferable to grow one’s career who wishes to hold a managerial position in a corporate house. It is true that real life experience will make you ahead of others.

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