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How to search job through social platforms?

In our modern life, social media perform as a mirror. It is an update version of the personal diary. Many of us like to share our joyful or sad moments, feelings, emotions, thoughts, selfies or different types of images in social media. Sometimes job providers wish to see your inspiration, communication, team building and leadership capacity during procurement. So be social, and it will provide you more option to get a suitable job. It has been observed that sometimes your friends and well-wishers will patronize you to escalate your present position. It was not a long time ago, 100 crores of people login Facebook in a day. According to the research firm “PU Research Center,” Social media are frequently used by employers to find potential candidates, and this percentage is growing rapidly. It’s an easiest, faster and cheaper method to find qualified applicants than posting a job in a traditional way.

LinkedIn is one of the largest platforms in this context. There is a huge data bank regarding skilled workers in LinkedIn’s. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ has a same equal option for job seekers and employers. Members can connect with each other, participate in groups, share and interact with each other on these social platforms. You may use social media if you are fascinated to get a suitable job. Experts have given some tips to the proper use of these powerful platforms.

social platforms1. Do Audit:
Search your name in Google or other search engines. After searching, note the result that comes on the first page. In this case, you would get your name in the link of your Facebook profile. Click the link accordingly. If your post is shown in the link, then it must be updated as a public post. That means everybody can watch that and comment on it. Without personal matter keep the options of all other posts those are allowed to all.
2. Change your privacy setting:
Facebook changes its privacy setting frequently. If someone wants you in Facebook through email or phone number, you have to go through the privacy setting and select the option of ‘who can see my stuff,’ ‘who can contact me’ and ‘who can look me up.’ There should be an easy option so that job providers can find you from bunch of people.
3. Be professional:
The big mistake of the job seeker is to share with others post unnecessarily and to behave unprofessionally. If you are habituated to do it frequently, you should not keep your resume on Facebook. Please restrain you from any unexpected picture, religious or political activities or other kinds of unexpected behave. Kindly review your profile and remove such ingredients.
4. Find the jobs through group:
Facebook is not an advertising platform for jobs. But there are different groups through whom the job providers can advertise and procure employee for their organizations. Search in the Facebook after being inserted your hometown where you live and seek a job.
5. Fulfill your profile:
If you wish to be focused on the job providers, then add your experience to your previous job. Through the option “about” please brief your all kind of information regarding educational background, skill, experience, hobby etc.
6. Network:
Connectivity is a perfect weapon to deserve more opportunities. Do you have any relation with your school friends? If you had, the situation could be totally different. The Main thing is to enhance the network. The more you get relation with your friends and well wisher, the more you get benefited. Perfect networking may give you extra benefits that you can’t imagine. It is important that you should prolong to build your network so that it is there for you when you require it.
7. The way of solution is Facebook:
Expert’s advised you to give time for finding a job on Facebook. Those who pass the idle time in Facebook will get extra benefits if they search job on Facebook. Those who do not interest to give time in Facebook should keep attention here.
 Social media allows you to promote your personal CV as well as to show your values, skills and professionalism to employers. Usually, the employers wish to see your professional manner, communication and analytical abilities, your aptitude to control crucial moment and many other skills and assets you may possess. But those who are interested in search job in social media they should keep their profile neat and clean. They should use their full name in the profile and attach a standard picture. Do not use anything subjected to politics or other awkward issues. Because nowadays the job providers make an inquiry for their desired information through the job seekers Facebook accounts secretly before providing a job.

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