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Common Mistakes that we made while sending CV via Email

In order to get a job, it is very important for the employer to get the CV of the job seeker first. Earlier the CV of the job seeker was sent by post but in the present trend, CV is sent by email. We usually make some mistake unintentionally when sending CVs via email. Here we have compiled 10 common errors to keep in mind when sending a CV via email for a job application:

1) The biggest mistake is that many people mail without attaching the CV file. If you don’t want to make this mistake again, always upload the file first and then write the Subject Line of the email.

2) There is no longer a day to write “Dear Sir / Madam” or “To whom it may concern” at the beginning of the body part of the email. You can mention “Dear Respected Concern” or “Hiring Authority” instead of these traditional words.

3) The CV must be in PDF format. Suppose, you applied for a job by creating a beautiful CV with an iconic design by using MS Word 10, but the employer may check your CV with mobile or MS Word 7. So, if you send your CV through a word file then some time CV format layout may change. So, send the CV in PDF format to maintain the perfect look.

4) Please save your CV / Resume PDF file in your name. My CV / Download CV / Updated final CV cannot be sent as a CV. You have to show your professional manner.

5) Send CV from a professional valid mail id. If you apply with an email ID with a fake or strange name, your CV will not be opened. If you work somewhere, you can send your CV with the mail ID of that organization.

6) Many people forget to write the Subject Line when they prepare to email. The subject line of the email can never be left blank while sending the CV. Position, Title must be written in the Subject Line. E.g. – Applying for the position of MTO.

7) You must attach your professional picture with the CV. The background of the photo must be one color. There is no need to send a separate mail with a picture.

8) Add your signature at the end of the cover letter. Write your name, address, phone number, email ID clearly in the CV. Check email ID every day. If the employer calls you through the phone number, you will respond immediately.

9) Please check your CV and cover letter attentively to remove any sort of typos and grammatical errors.

10) Missed enclosing cover letter with the CV. You must write a cover letter when sending your CV. And then attach the CV. A well-written cover letter enhances your opportunity to demonstrate that you are a great fit for the company, you are applying for.

A sample of a standard cover letter has given in the attach link for your reference. If you like it, please download it.

You have to write your CV. Every time a CV has to be sent with redesigned according to the needs of the employer. And if you don’t make your CV, it is not possible to know how to edit a CV in different places every time. So, you have to make your own CV yourself, if you don’t have that skill then there is danger. Thus, it would be better if someone edits their CV based on each job description, company culture, company profile, company mission, and vision.

What I believe is if anyone can’t modify their CV, how can she or he showcase his skills or achievements on the interview board. Not only this, this is the first step of presenting your portfolio. Writing a resume/CV is one of the skills of presenting own experience, skills, and professional portfolio.

If anybody searches a little bit, there are plenty of resume templates. It’s very easy to tailor your resume, right?

But if the employer asks you to send the CV by post, you must write the name of the employer, address details etc. on the right side of the envelope. Your name, address, and the name of the position have to mention that you are applying for. So, with so many job letters, it’s easy to pick your CV differently by position.

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