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How to get an interview call through social media

Do you know how to get an interview call through social media? Nowadays, many companies in this universe are hiring employees through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. So, join the job groups you have on social media today to get a suitable job. First, read the job posts patiently publish in social media, and apply as per your qualification.

Try to stay connected with seniors of big companies on social media. On holidays or Eid vacation, you may occasionally exchange greetings with them with respect. You will politely ask for a job with your CV. You will see that they are referring you to their known people for your job. But do not bother them frequently with unnecessary calls. They are very busy people; their time is worth it. Remember that those who are working in the HR department always analyze  candidate nature in several perimeters before hiring. In the current trend, if they select someone, they may go to social media to review his profile and see a lot of things. Before giving you the final appointment letter, they will analyze your social media activities, then issue the appointment letter.

I am focusing a few points on how they evaluate you before selecting any candidate:

1) They will check your social media profile –

2) Watch your previous post –

3) What kind of post frequently you publish –

4) Try to understand your attitude, negative or positive –

5) Which pages or groups did you like –

6) What kind of comment did you deliver –

7) Whom did you comment –

8) How did the senior’s comment –

9) What was the reply to their comment –

10) Whether you attacked someone personally etc.

Now those of you who comment on social media in a derogatory manner will think a little about it.

Do you think that what you do on social media, the HR department does not see all this? Did you know that the MD, Director, Head of Business, HR Head of the company must be active on social platforms, where you are working? Did you know that they are watching your activities without your knowledge? Perhaps, they kept you on the block list just to make your negative comment? So, how do you get an interview call or a job?

So, increase your positive activities on social media today. Involve yourself in creative work such as writing, drawing, or social work. Do not engage in any anti-state activities. Increase connectivity with professional people. Which will help you to get a job and escalate you to the top in professional life.

And if you are already employed, beware of using social media. Otherwise, you will not get a promotion in working life easier. Increase connectivity with seniors. Involve yourself in social work. Never get involved in any anti-state activities. There are rules in professional life; You will always respect your seniors and guide the juniors. Your senior is good or bad, don’t worry about it. Let his behavior be bad, let him abuse you, let him act like a cow, it will not do him any good. Because the company is benefiting from his use of it, and learning your job is fast becoming what is called experience. Your improvement in professional life is in your hands. If you have free time, you must think.

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