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Never be a Guru killer in your working life!

Never be a guru killer in professional life. Once we all were apprentices in the working place. The man who helped you to learn the job from him and who extended a helping hand to you in the new workplace. Taught all the work by hand. Helped you to survive in the new workplace. In a nutshell, keep you in the shadows of him. Without whose help you wouldn’t be able to cope up there today. He is the professional guru of your working life.

With the passage of time, you became proficient in your working life, once you were promoted. Getting close to the senior boss, pouring oil to him, became a believer of him and deprive him of the job at one time. This is called the Guru killer. The number of such types of people in professional life is not less in this universe. Where have to be a grateful lifetime, many of us have to endure it frequently. Your education guru may become a little bit slow in his working life due to age, so it’s not right to kick him from his position. In the course of time, such day may come in front of you and pull you. “There is nothing to be proud of being talented, but remember the devil is also talented. Talent becomes valueless, without humanity and honesty.”

Please never do this. Don’t be inhuman, don’t be ungrateful, don’t disregard the benefits you received. In this way, you may get the privilege temporarily, but you will suffer a lot later. Be a victim of the cruel laws of nature. If someone in professional life has been harmed by a colleague, be patient. Be sure, the Lord of the worlds has a plan for the future.

Nothing will happen to me, who says it frequently. A good task may not do with him. Because he could not realize his strength, he did not try a lot, so he may think none can do it. Because the positive attitude about him becomes dead. So, he just regrets by looking at successful people. But I say it will be with you because you have a positive outlook, work ethic, talent, thinking, and specific goals. Go forward, don’t look back. Avoid bad guys. Don’t listen to bad guys. Remember, you are the best of the best. You are not known as someone else; you have come into the world to live your own identity.

Hopefully in professional life we ​​will all refrain from this work. Remember, no one can rise through flattery. Be sure, one day he will fall. So, try to rise to the top by working with your own career without worrying about the loss of others. Success will come one day. A British citizen was my colleague. He would give me a lot of important advice on the job. One day he told me, “When you go to work in professional life, you will come across many types of people in senior positions, junior positions, you will never neglect juniors; You will gradually become seniors, those juniors will also become seniors, and one day will be the head of different departments! Even if he can’t serve you well as a junior today, when he becomes a senior, he will recall about these difficult days and think to himself, you showed him extra respect and esteem when everyone neglected him; He will never forget it. Do not neglect anyone, love your work, love everyone involved! Inside the circle and outside the circle!

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