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Essential Pattern and CAD Software for Garment Industry


plotter machine at CAD section

Are you searching a suitable and reliable pattern making software for your production house or garment industry? Do you need a user friendly, modern, responsive  pattern making software for your pattern section? Pattern making process is necessary to run an apparel business smoothly. Before it accomplished manually, but now it’s quite impossible to run it perfectly considering time, situation and business volume. Usually, pattern making software abbreviated as CAD which elaborated as computer aided design. In fact, it has known as design making software which can assist you to optimize your sketches. Once pattern making task was tough and clumsy because all tasks handled by a skilled technician. But now it becomes very easy due to the advancement of computer technology.

CAD is an integrated system which is used for pattern making, pattern grading, measuring as well as marker making. Some company also delivers automatic fabric spreader, automatic fabric cutter, end cutter, CAM cutter, plotter, and pattern cutter devices to smooth your operations. It is an essential element in garment export house, fashion school or medium and large size garment business. CAD system is not only useful for clothing business but also helpful to other professionals to create a dynamic design. CAD system is a unique process where a pattern maker can transform a sketch into a digital image and then can be printed out through a plotter. Moreover, by this practice pattern maker can justify image efficiency before print out through 2D / 3D special visual effects.


Garment plotter machine

It’s obviously a great solution that can improve sample room productivity, accuracy and help you to easier cutting room tasks. Thus, garment owners always emphasize to procure a best pattern and marker making i.e. CAD software for their respected organizations to get optimum result. CAD software is specially designated to accomplish computer aided design correctly. This software’s are capable of bringing a good shape of any curve line. Usually, a bunch of computer engineers, skilled technicians, and professional designers have to engage to build any particular CAD software. Nowadays most of the CAD software’s support 2D / 3D special visual effects. Wherever you factory are situated, CAD service providers can serve you easily because they have a global presence through the internet or local agents.

Today, I will try to share some renowned pattern making software’s name in this post. Beside this, you can get more information regarding these software’s by reading the product features or visiting their websites. I think this post just gives you an idea to choose a suitable CAD solution for your garment industry.

1. Crea: It is worldwide recognized as the most intuitive and easy to use CAD for pattern making, size grading and made to measure. Developed on the windows interface for the pattern makers that are totally autonomous after only 3 days of training. Headquartered in Italy, and grown up working with the most popular fashion brands of the world, Crea Solution has developed the complete CAD CAM for fashion & apparel suite equipped with all direct importers of other CAD formats. Crea is having a huge success even in industries like aerospace, furniture, automotive, bespoke and made to measure, technical textiles and composite garment industry.

2. Lectra: It is one of the worldwide renowned CAD software for garment entrepreneurs. They have developed a high-end CAD solution for the fashion industry. Pattern makers love to use Lectra for its simplicity and powerful features. It also admired in fashion and apparel, furniture, automotive as well as other industries like composites, textiles, and leather. Their cutting solutions are perfect for smooth operations. Their headquarters situated in Paris in French.

3. Gerber Accumark: It is one of the popular CAD software for garment manufacturers. This software is user-friendly along with advanced features. It’s a comprehensive and full-featured CAD pattern making software for the apparel industry. Their software and hardware solutions are perfect for fashion & apparel, aerospace, construction, packaging, furniture, automotive industry, technical textiles, digital printing, graphics industries. Their headquarters situated at West Tolland in the USA.

4. GT CAD Software: You will be glad to know that it’s a Bangladesh-based company. They can deliver quick service regarding pattern design and marker making software. It is an integrated and accurate pattern making software for perfect fitting garments. Their interface has designated very simply so that everyone can handle it quickly.

 5. Optitex: It exists 2D and 3D pattern making option with a lot of advanced features. You can use their package by paying low subscription to get lifetime customer support. It was a startup venture of Silicon Valley. Their CAD, pattern, cutting solutions are easy to use for all apparel industries.

6. Etelestia: Telestia formed by the Fashion School SITAM-AB in Greece on 2004. It is a comprehensive and full-featured CAD pattern making software for the apparel industry. Their 2D & 3D CAD/CAM solutions are perfect for Pattern-Designing, Grading, detailing, marker layout and CAD drafting in Garment industry.

7.Tuka Cad: It’s appropriate for Pattern-Designing, Grading, and Marker-Making in Garment industry. You can use their service by paying low monthly subscription to get their premium service. They also provide free online unlimited training for their subscribers. Their software’s are perfect for accurate measuring. Their headquarters situated in Los Angeles in the USA.

8. Fashion CAD: They have an integrated pattern making software for high-end customers. Their CAD solutions are user-friendly for pattern drafting, modification, grading, pattern cloning, detailing, and marker making. It is an Australia-based company.

9. Richpeace: They have a complete CAD solution for pattern making, pattern treatment, grading, detailing, editing, pattern cutting. It can be downloaded from their official websites by paying low yearly subscription. Their headquarters situated at tianjinshi in China. They also provide different types of cutting & sewing machine, embroidery, quilting machine.

10. Gemini CAD Systems: They provide integrated software and hardware solutions for pattern creation, modification, measuring, grading, pattern cutting including 2D and 3D pattern making option. It is a Romania-based company.

11. PAD Systems: It’s powerful but easy software for pattern designing, grading, pattern alteration, cloning. It has some user-friendly Interface for making innovation. Thus, you can choose it for your production unit. It invented by iWork Ltd, a Hong-Kong based company.

12. Romans CAD: It is innovative and dynamic software for manufacturers and designers to accomplish Pattern Making, Pattern Treatment, Grading, and Marker Making Solution. Their sophisticated solutions are especially admired in footwear and leather goods industries to accomplish the critical task. Their headquarters situated at rungis in French.

13. Dimension CAD: It is an advanced pattern making, grading, editing, eliminating, and marker making solution that will make more efficient your production process and reduce operating cost. It is also an idle and affordable pattern making software for home based or commercial businesses. It situated in San Diego in the USA.

14Wild Ginger: Do you need custom-sized sewing patterns or professional pattern making software? Wild Ginger publish the most comprehensive and cost-effective range of pattern making software on the market. It exist many custom features for pattern creation, grading, pattern tampering, marker-making, mass customization and custom mode of tailoring. You can use their education version without free of charge.

Companies overall profit and loss mostly depend on pattern and marker making section efficiency. Thus, an owner should select a premium CAD solution to chase the goal. You are requested to click my google drive link to get a fantastic guideline regarding pattern making process. Please hit the link to download your desired file.

Here I have tried to compile all user friendly pattern making software for your reference. I think you will get a clear instruction that may assist you to learn pattern making task quickly. There are a lot of resources on this topic in the online world. If you wish to learn pattern making job properly through the internet, at first I am humbly requesting you to download individual software trial or education version without free of charge. Once you become expert then you may purchase full license software from above  mentioned individual software link.

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