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Merchandisers key responsibilities once get a bulk order

Merchandiser is the key person in the garment industry. Each merchandiser is liable to carry out an individual order. Most of the time, they have to work in a team to get better performance. Thus, they have to do some particular task again and again whenever they get any bulk order. Please find some narrative writings to get a sound idea regarding this topic.

1) After Order Receive:

  1. Inform planning to fix Ex-factory and then create Order instruction with our number
  2. Sample analyze deeply, work with pattern maker and then prepare BOM
  3. Make one piece construction sample with available materials to check pattern
  4. Then go ahead to make fit sample with available materials and send it to buyer for their review
  5. Keep communicating with buyer for their update comments, spec sheet and start sample development to go ahead to get approval of fabric, accessories, printing, embroidery, zip puller, metal logo, care label, hang tag etc.
  6. Send swatch Board and trim Card to buyer for Approval
  7. Request buyer to issue LC
  8. Collect PP sample materials to proceed PP sample
  9. Proceed to make PP Sample with all actual materials
  10. Check BOM and make MPR then issue PRS for material purchasing
  11. Review BOM, MPR, PRS again to find out errors
  12. Keep touch with supply chain and monitor order placement

2) Before and after Material Receiving:

  1. Make material tracking file to ensure material on board timely and find out shortage quantity quickly
  2. Deliver master Trim Card to MCD to make duplicate copy
  3. Check MCD quality report and solve quality issues along with purchase team to do smooth production
  4. Work with finishing in-charge to fix carton dimension, folding method etc.
  5. Insist production team to proceed size set sample making
  6. Attend PP meeting with approved PP sample and deliver all relevant information to start production
  7. Production floor visit every day to watch measurement, poor workmanship, negligence, material placement, decoration stitch etc. and review 1st production
  8. Check quality and cutting defect report to solve shading problem, accessories defect etc.
  9. Keep touch with Purchase team to get replacement of quality defect & shortage materials.

3) Before and after packaging:

  1. Deliver packing instruction to finishing team at PP meeting
  2. Review packing method with packing guy
  3. Collect daily production report and send it to buyer
  4. Arrange inline inspection through buyer quality if required
  5. Collect Shipping Sample after quality checking and send it to buyer before 7 days of shipment

4) Before Shipment:

  1. Give booking information to commercial team
  2. Offer final inspection to buyer and take initiative
  3. After final inspection assist commercial team to do ex-factory
  4. Close Order file by keeping all relevant papers

5) After Shipment:

If arise any quality related issue please check production sample and work with management to solve the issue promptly.

I have tried to brief step by step merchandisers key responsibilities once get a bulk order. You may share your experience with us.

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