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Factors that influence consumers in selection of Fashion

Fashion is the attraction of modern dress adopted by a large group of people. Fashion is generally transient of short-lasting in nature and involves continuous change. Fashion incorporates short term trends and fats. Fashion does not, however, include only dresses but also includes jewellery, cosmetics, music, footwear, furnishings, etc. nearly all of the human activities. Fashion is also defined as a way of social behavior by a recognizable group of people when that behavior is perceived to be socially appropriate for the time and situation. Most of the time, some factors persuade consumers to select their purchasing behavior. Among them following two factors influence consumers in selection of fashion.

  1. Factors of Appeal
  2. Factors of practical considerations

Factors of Appeal: Product appeal is a significant factor to influence consumers to make a selection of fashion. Let’s discuss these parameters in brief.

  • Look or appearance: Product appearance influence consumers during procurement. It will impress consumers to pick the product anyhow.
  • Color: Eye-catching color attracts consumers to pick and choose the product anyhow.
  • Texture or fabric surface: If fabric surface looks comfortable and durable, then consumers feel an appeal to collect it anyhow.
  • Design or style line silhouette: Exceptional and lucrative design will create fascination to make collection.

Factors of practical considerations: There is a proverb, “Necessity knows no laws.” Some practical factors will influence consumers to make a selection of fashion.

  • Price or value of fashion products: Product price is a major factor during product selection. Consumers must consider product price during procurement. If product price becomes affordable to consumers, then it will be well and good to make a decision. You should remember that rich people may not consider item price to do fashion. But exception may not example for all.
  • Fit: People want to make them gorgeous, among others. If wearer becomes fit to them, then it sounds great.
  • Comfort: Consumers make sure again about the satisfaction of product then will decide to purchase. They will pick those items if looks comfortable.
  • Brand or label: Consumers sometimes feel fascination on renowned brand or label. Lucrative brand makes them delighted.
  • Quality: Some consumers become worried about product quality. They wish to pay handsome amount for the high-quality product.
  • Product performance: Exceptional lucrative quality product will create different appeal to consumers. Durable and comfortable product will bring a different image in front of consumers to make selection.
  • Convenience in purchasing: Product those are very rare in market is not suitable for procurement. Consumers always feel comfort which items supply chain is strong. Rare item product price commonly very high in the market. So most of consumers avoid extraordinary products.
  • Personal Preferences: Each people is different from others. So they have different taste and mentality. Particular preference is another element to make fashion.
  • Marketing Campaigns: Nowadays, advertisement plays a vital roll in influencing the purchasing decisions made by consumers. Marketing campaigns through different media, mostly influence consumers to increase their purchasing mentality. 
  • Purchasing Power: Economic condition of consumers will influence them to make fashion. Wealthy people always think differently and will try to change their outlook frequently. Consumer spending behavior is known to be significantly affected by economic condition.
  • Group Influence: It is another factor to influence consumer purchasing decisions. When a group of people absorbed in a new trend, then it will affect other surrounding people purchasing behavior.

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