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How to calculate a basic T-shirt Consumption

Many of us wish to know, “how to calculate a basic T-shirt consumption“. Today I will share the formula with you for easy understanding. The T-shirt what we usually wear but we do not know how to find out its consumption. Besides this when we will get a job in the garment industry then we have to do core of T-shirt consumption frequently. It is a common task of a garment merchandiser to find out consumption as well as to prepare cost sheet. It is an important task of any garments industry to find out the accurate consumption of a product. Profit margin of any product mostly depends upon to find out accurate fabric and accessories consumption. If we can’t calculate exact consumption then we have to face fabric shortage problem during production or huge leftover problem after production closing. Fabric shortage problem in production or leftover problem after production closing both is harmful in garment industry.

Method of Fabric Consumption Calculation of a Knitted T-Shirt:

Before going to the consumption calculation, you have to identify the major parts of a knitted T-shirt. A knitted T-shirt consists of the following parts which have to count during consumption making-

  1. Body parts (Front + Back)
  2.  Sleeve (Left + Right)
  3. Armhole (Left + Right)

Fabric: Jersey Knit

Item: Basic men’s s/slv T-shirt

Size: L

Fabric weight = 160 GSM

Suppose, Nike buyer has given an order of 20,000 pieces 100% cotton single jersey fabric T-shirt on a particular style which contains 160 gm GSM. Merchandiser has to find out accurate consumption before yarn and fabric booking. Buyer will provide a size measurement chart. Now he has to find out consumption based on the middle size of that measurement chart. We can select L size to get the consumption.

Please find the following measurement chart to go ahead

T-shirt consumption and cost sheet usually prepare on the basis of dozen. Formula will be same whether it is one piece or one dozen. There is two formula exists to prepare a basic T-shirt consumption. European buyer always prefers CM to do measurement but USA buyer prefers inch to do measurement of garments product. You should know both formulas to become an expert merchandiser. Let’s find first formula to prepare a basic T-shirt consumption.

Calculation – 01: Formula in Centimeter:

Based on the above formula we can realize that to make 20,000 PC T-shirts we need to book about 6050kg yarn.

Now we will know 2nd formula to prepare a basic T-shirt consumption.

Calculation – 02: Formula in Inch:

Based on the above formula we can realize that to make 20,000 PC T-shirts we need to book about 6000kg yarn.


  • 2 Means each item has two part of a T-shirt
  • 12 PC = 1 dozen
  • 100 = All measurement are in cm. 100 cm makes 1 meter
  • 1000 = As we convert it to KG. Thus 1000 has inputted as a unit

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