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5 apps that a student should have on his phone

Nowadays everyone uses smart phones. Uses smart phone even if it is needed. Spend hours after hours on a smart phone are a habitual fact. They use a variety of unnecessary apps in smart phones. But there are some essential apps that can be of great benefit to a student. Today we will discuss the 5 apps that a student should have on his phone.

  1. Buddytalk: The importance of English language in educational life or professional life is immense. If you know English, you can easily communicate with people all over the world. There is no substitute for speaking English but we usually can’t talk because we don’t have a talking partner. So we are afraid to speak English because we have no choice but to do so. With this app you will find English speaking partners. You can talk with them for hours on end. Gradually your skills on the English language will increase.
  2. : Moon + Reader: There is boundless joy in reading books. I don’t know if there is a better app for reading books on mobile or tab. The size of this app is also very small. In the middle of the app you can find the book of your choice. Having this app on the phone means having a whole library in your hand.
  3. Photomath: Suddenly I had a problem solving a math question. There is no one with you at that time to explain to you. In this case, this app will give step by step solution as soon as you go to this app and take a picture of the question.
  4. Robi 10 Minute School: Students have to take various exams in education life. What if you can test yourself with a model test with the mobile phone at hand? This app will make your study a little easier. This app has educational content for you no matter what grade you are. Check your preparation with model test and enhance your confidence level.
  5. Camscanner: This app will help you to scan if you borrowed his notebook from a friend and want to quickly create a PDF file of his notebook and keep it on your phone before returning the notebook. With the help of this app you can use your mobile phone as a scanner.

With the help of these apps students can easier their study life and could able to enhance your confidence level. Increase your skills to be more confident.

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