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How to fix the Ironing temperature according to the fabric Nature

Iron Man Ironing

It’s very important to know what temperature you need to iron on which fabric. For this you should understand the fabric nature to fix iron temperature. To fix iron temperature you should read fabric care label first to be more careful.

Clothes play a vital role in fulfilling our personality and attractiveness. Someone can easily guess a person’s smartness by watching his clothes. But clothes should not only be worn but they should also be ironed regularly. Dressing up without iron can damage your personality easily.

However, many people do not feel interested to iron at home for fear of burning. But it is not wise to send clothes to the laundry all the time because it will bring extra cost and trouble. So try to iron at home to minimize cost. And thinking the fear of burning? Iron temperature fixing may vary on fabric nature, thickness etc. If you know how much temperature requires a fabric, there will be no more fear. Let’s find out-

1) Cotton fabric:

Cotton dress is very comfortable to wear but it may become weird if it is not ironed properly. Its wrinkle may damage your personality and image too. So if you want to iron cotton dresses well, keep the iron temperature at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Use some water stream to make it flat. Then iron evenly and enjoy its comfort.

2) Siphon Georgette:

This fabric is commonly used for kids and women. Besides this, it may be used for making sarees or veils. Some also like to make kameez or gowns. This fabric is very delicate. It works even if you don’t iron it frequently. However, if you are going to iron it, please fix the temperature is about 275 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent unwanted damage.

3) Silk:

Silk clothes are very light, delicate, and soft. It’s one sort of natural fiber but little bit costly and also very comfortable to use. Now a day’s synthetic silk fabric is also available in the market.  Silk cloth is very sensitive to use so needs special care for washing and ironing. If someone shows carelessness then the entire garment would not be wearable. When ironing silk clothes, the temperature should never exceed 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and take extra care to minimize iron burning.

4) Polyester Fabric:

Polyester fabric is completely made of synthetic fiber. If you can’t fix the temperature or do not aware of the nature of synthetic fiber then it may damage very easily. So, ironing temperatures should be about 300°F. For ironing, if temperatures are above 300°F then it may burn easily. So take care.

5) Lycra Blend Fabric:

Ironing is not essential for this type of fabric. However, if you are going to iron it, please make sure the temperature is about 275 degrees Fahrenheit to keep safety.

6) Linen Fabric:

Linen fabric is very comfortable to use. But this fabric will be so wrinkled that you will be embarrassed easily. So it should be ironed before wearing to keep this comfort. Use some water stream to make it flat. So, keep the iron temperature about 445 degrees Fahrenheit to make it fresh.


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