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How to increase the profit margin of an oven dyeing plant

fabric dyeing

Dying is a common part of fabric manufacturing. Today we will show some secret tips to increase the profit margin of an oven dyeing plant. If we obey the following techniques then we may get our desired goals soon.

  1. If the production GM is involved and cross check physically during production then there may arise some scopes to save opportunities in mechanical departments by purchasing spare parts and proper maintenance. For this supplier should be nominated by the factory owner. No one tries to demand extra flavor from the nominated supplier.
  2. A large amount of poly is used, paper tubes are used, or Bamboo clips are used, which are usable 2-3 times at most in the oven dyeing floor. The operator who handles this should train by taking extra care. An oven dyeing plant uses about 15-20 lakhs of poly tube tape clips. By raising awareness it is possible to reduce about 5 lakhs.
  3. The black color that is saved after dyeing should be kept. Black color can be kept in the drum for about 5-7 days. If necessary, dyeing can be done by remixing the color.
  4. Factory owners should fix nominated supplies for dye chemical purchasing to minimize cost. And no color chemicals can be bought in cash outside of LC.
  5. The skilled operator should appoint at Mercerizing bleach singeing machine that will do the recipe only and the recipe should be one for thin fabric and another for thick fabric. He can save a lot of money on the Per Oxide Save.
  6. Seating and TC fabric can be bleached directly without resizing, it is one sort of process saving.
  7. The main operator has to be very skilled and senior who will handle Stenter and CPB machine because they know how many liters of color will be needed for cloth and how many liters will be saved during dying. A cheap operator may keep the machine going on and the color will drain. But a senior operator who will demand 30 thousand rupees salary per month but can save 3-30 lakh rupees per year.
  8. After each order close, the amount of surplus fabric should be kept away from the floor. Many fabric lengths may increase during dying which keeps should remain as a whole factory.

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