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Duties and responsibilities of a Cutter in cutting section

As we know cutting section performs a great role in any apparel industry. When the unrolled fabric is going to cut to make fashionable wearer, this is the most decisive part of all the operations in the cutting room because once the fabric has been cut, very little can be done to rectify if a serious mistake happens. So workers of cutting room should obey the following duties and responsibilities strictly to accomplish their task smoothly:

* Have to check all cutting tools physically before start working to know their efficiency.
Duties responsibilities Cutter* Cutting department always has to follow factory planning department’s instruction. So, every day they should analyze production planning report and emphasize on their guidelines.
* Have to count number of layers with layer paper carefully before start cutting.
* Some fabric yarn construction and context is smooth, but some are stiff or slippery. Have to understand fabric nature by hand feeling to erase shrinkage or other hassles.
* Should collect approved sample which style is going to cut to protect any fabric item or garments part missing.
* Analyze approved sample and cutting marker to erase consumption shortage.
* The marker should be checked very well before spreading.
* Have to compare marker piece with layer paper.
* Have to check carefully on the fabric width and marker paper.
* Have to check fabric roll with color detail sheet carefully.
* Before insert to the spreading machine talk about the problems with supervisor or concern person if require.
* Remember if any mistakes happen during working hour, cutting team has to liable that negligence. So beware and check every step physically.
* End of the day evaluates daily performance and has to fix tomorrow’s goal.
* After cutting each machine should be clean well.
* Cutter should be alert so that not to fall any dirt on the floor during cutting.
* Cut panel numbering and bundling have to finish carefully and dispatch quickly.
* Sometimes they have to replace sewing reject, printing reject or re-cut short quantity.
* If any mistakes happen during cutting, please notice it to the supervisor at once.
* Remember everybody should work efficiently and finish their task perfectly to expedite production.
Factories cannot be run and production output may not be smooth if cutting department not performs well because cutting department is feeding point of any apparel industry. So production authority always emphasizes cutting departments need and should provide them modern equipment and introduce them update techniques so that they can perform well.

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