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Importance of Cutting room in apparel industry

Introduction: Fabric cutting is a common scenario in apparel industry where garments are produced in mass scale to hit the delivery date. In apparel industry cutting is a process where fabric is being cut into components. Sewing quality and productivity mostly depend upon the performance of cutting section. Garments cutting is a risky job where a tiny mistake will bring a lot of panics. Accuracy of cutting is of supreme importance, inaccurate cutting not only causes hold-ups in production but also mean the costly re-cutting of components. Cutting room is considered as feeding point in apparel industry. Each person in cutting room has to play a significant role to make sure supply flow continuously. 

Aim of Cutting room:

  1. The main object of cutting room is to secure nonstop supply flow of garment piece to sewing floor 
  2. Follow the plan sheet efficiently to support production team
  3. To cut garment parts economically 
  4. To cut garment parts accurately 

Importance of Cutting room

 Cutting room is one of the essential parts of the garment industry where has a lot of options to increase profit margin. Let’s discuss some of them to guess the importance of the efficient management of the cutting room to increase productivity in garment manufacturing process: 

  • As we know cutting room is the feeding point of the garment industry. Thus cutting chief has to communicate with higher management and planning team frequently to follow the plan sheet every day to start a large number of garments cutting at a time. Early step of cutting guy will enhance productivity that will secure further processes of garment manufacturing. 
  • Efficient and well-planned operations in cutting room will minimize errors and hassles to reduce production costs that will expedite workflow to all further processes. Combined steps of planning and cutting team can make sure the utilization of the available resources. 
  • As we know in garments manufacturing business fabric cost is about 70% of the total garment cost. So any small step to reduce wastage or saving of the fabric will have a huge effect on the profit margins of the orders. Cutting room can control the utilization of fabric through proper monitoring of spreading and cutting techniques.
  • Any single negligence in cutting process will bring a worse situation of the quality standards of all further processes. So modern equipment and expertise should engage in cutting processes to reduce extra costs and hassles. 

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