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SOP of Fabric Inspection

Fabric inspection: – After getting fabric receiving status from the material department, QC people will make a plan for sampling inspection.

Inspection method: – MILL- STD 105D, General inspection level II, AQL 2.5 (If there is no buyer’s other specification). Follow 4 point system; they conduct 60% inspection of a specific consignment. If 60% fail then need to inspect 100%, In this case of 100% inspection, QC personnel may claim to supplier through sales division for 100% inspection charge by a particular format i.e. called claim sheet.
Pass Point: Generally Garments Manufacturers standard 2.5 points per 100 linear yards.
4 point System: Attached with details.
Inspection Tools: – Measuring tape, scissors, defect sticker or chalk, fabric defect display board, reference sample & blank inspection form worksheet/BOM sheet.
> Check ticket information, item number & Lot No.
Log Book (Register): – QC should maintain a Log book to see receiving situation and inspection situation at a glance & also maintain a Red Tag Logbook.
Width: Penalty 4 points to each linear yard of fabric where the cut-able width is less than the minimum specification and inspector will measure 4-5 yards continuously at the Beginning,
Middle and End of roll and record in inspection report. Initial disposition should be taken as a base on a penalty point.
Lab Test: – Material department will send fabric for lab test as soon as receive fabric, and QC will follow up it’s done or not. As per fabric criteria and care label instructions Lab’s personnel are responsible for doing the necessary test as per buyer guideline.
Color Control: Validated and updated 1st consignment sample by Decathlon are available in inspection machine. Initial disposition should be taken on the basis of color comparison.
Color Shading Check: – Inspector will check Side- Center- Side & Side to Side shading check randomly after completion of the report; it will be dispatched to concerned section and keep a master copy of record.
Non-Conformity Materials: Material department has to keep designated place as red tag and yellow tag. To use red tagĀ fabric, it must be approved along with sufficient documents from Buyer/supplier or factory management approval. Yellow tag can be used after discussion with the supplier by short replacement.
After visual inspection have to make a summary report for giving to all concerned department and keep one master copy for record.

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