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How to calculate the price of embroidery in Garments?

We have realized that embroidery is a decorative task which creates an additional appeal to apparel in order to enhance Latitude and luscious. Hence, it has now become more popular and widely used in the apparel industry. Most of the order what we received from the buyer, generally exist one or several types of embroidery task. Modem embroidery machines are fully automatic. All works are computer generated, and these machines deliver high efficiency and productivity. This automatic embroidery machine built in data processing unit that performs well and can create multicolored embroidery design quickly.
embroidery machine02
 Based on data prepared in advance by floppy disk or pen drive, high-speed and excellent quality embroidery is produced automatically. And, through the thread trimmer, they are easy-to-operate full-function with keyboard and the comprehensive editing functions, monogramming and embroidering can be combined.
This machine can handle an extremely wide range of embroidery applications for ladies blouses, sweaters, children’s wear and jackets etc. Nowadays we are urged by our valued clients and well-wishers to disclose the secret method of calculating the price of embroidery and applique.
Today we are going to share our secret method to you. Embroidery design made by the digitizer and its fees are considered on “Per Stitch” count that has to pay one time. We can easily get total stitches what are requires in a particular design by a modern embroidery machine. So, we can estimate individual design cost by using below formula. Once finished the logo, stitches quantity can be count by wilcom software to find out the cost of the embroidery task.
Cost Affecting Factors of Embroidery:
Embroidery is an essential part of decorating a garment item. Embroidery cost mainly depends on design size, types of design, fabric character and per stitch count of the digitized logo. Basically following factors need to be considered to fix embroidery charge:
1) Types of design
2) Logo size
3) Nature of fabric or other substance
4) Number of stitches
5) Time require accomplishing per lot
6) Number of color and thread
7) Any additional cost to keep quality
8) Cost to meet compliance
9) Cutting of appliqué (Dice or Laser cutting)
10) Cost of Lab test if require
Embroidery Cost Calculation process:
As we know most of the time CM rate of embroidery is consists of 12000 stitches. But sometimes CM rate increase for hand involving task to set up Applique, Patch, wording etc. We need to know the following information first and consider some parameters to fix the charge of embroidery.
1) Design stitch quantity. Suppose, it is 60002) Rate of per unit. If it is $0.25/12,000 stitches. (It is variable and may depend on the embroidery design, production capability, factory location, labor cost etc)
Now we will find out the cost per dozen.
= (Total Stitch quantity X 12 / 12000) = (Total Stitch quantity X 12) / 12000 X Rate   per unit= (6000 X 12) / 12000 X $0.25= 72000 / 12000 X $0.25= 6 X $0.25
= $1.50/dozen (without embroidery materials cost)
= $1.50 + $.30 is for embroidery materials like embroidery thread, bobbin thread, interlining.
= $1.80
Anyway, embroidery rate per unit is not always fixed. It could be changed depends on embroidery design, category, and practical situations. Please download the cost format from my google drive link if you desire to get an excel file. Please hit the link to download your desired file.

Moreover, if the embroidery design exists applique then we should consider dice making cost, applique cutting cost, extra applique fabric for dice cutting and applique wastage. Embroidery factory will propose their embroidery rate considering all these factors. We have to take help of outside embroidery factories if manufacturing factory does not have sufficient embroidery machine. Embroidery rate per unit may differ from one factory to another factory considering their product quality and efficiency, compliance, machine quality, establishment cost, variable cost etc.

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