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SOP of fabric Layer and Cut-Panel Inspection

In a compliance garment industry cutting section must exist  QA Inspection people. Before fabric cutting quality people must check fabric item and then give green signal to start cutting. QA Inspection team will maintain following procedure in cutting section. Before fabric Layer and Cut-Panel Inspection cutting QC team should follow below procedure to minimize hassles.

QA checkpoint during fabric layering: –
1. Before preparing fabric layer on cutting table for cutting a particular style, QA personal should check material swatch card, color shade band carefully
and collect original sample to check all part of garment’s item in marker paper.
2. Need to be checked cut quantity/size assort/country wise order break down. QA cannot confirm any incomplete cutting quantity.
3. Carefully check-ply quantity, fabric item, color name, ticket number etc. on the table to prevent any misunderstanding.
Defect point must mark on roll paper- not to be use -if any serious issue that is crease mark, fold mark, end roll especially coated fabric.
4. If any special instruction for the same style especially sizes ratio, must check the marker with hard pattern. Also, check two-way and one-way marker before start layering.
5. To be confirming color shade, shading, item name, item face- back, shrinkage percentage, roll width, marker width, and style category before start layering. Above checkpoint has to follow 100% for ensuring smooth production. 

Layer inspection: – While layer spreading quality inspector has to examine fabric physically then compare with approved color card as well as QC shade card provided by Material control department QC. If found any discrepancy between approved fabric swatch with bulk production fabric roll at once hold and inform concern’s persons, such as Cutting chief, QC & Production. After physical checking by all concern parties and considering all related QC report/documents then allow cutting.

fabric layer inspection
 Inspector will have to check fabric ticket information very carefully before layer spreading. During spreading, inspector need to inspect by 4 point system and make a report then keep filing for record.
Face/Back: During spreading fabric, they must ensure correct face-side compare with approval cutting color card as well as QC shade card. If any discrepancy found or confused has to inform concern’s person and hold until clarification by a senior responsible person.
Cut Panel Inspection: – After cut panel numbering cutting person will provide all cut panel to QC.
Then QC inspector will check every cut panel carefully. Based on layer report or previous defect rate, supervisor can decide to issue floor by random inspection or 100% physical inspection to find out defect item. During cut panel inspection, if they found any defect, should write in cut panel log book to get replacement fabric from the supplier by submitting defect cut panel inspection report ratio.
cut panel inspection
Every working day they have to make cut panel inspection report to dispatch concerned section, and one master copy should be kept for record.
Cut Panel Accuracy: – During cut panel inspection, inspector need to check randomly those cut panel accuracy compare with CAD Pattern/Cutting Pattern from the Top-Middle & End of each bundle as inspected.
To minimize fabric wastage, claim issue, finished garment’s rejection and to increase production capability, factories goodwill etc. all of these depends on the effectiveness of factories cutting QC team.
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