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How to do final inspection of a jacket

The finish products what we procure from the shop is that the results of the many people’s efforts. Naturally, designer, material supplier, operator, and producer are directly concerned to produce a garment. It’s visible that client never purchases quality less product from the marketplace. However, it’s very hard to ensure product quality during bulk production. Q.A guy has to be alert and should check every point with full attention to keep product quality.

Inspection process
It would be better if a Q.A guy obeys the following instructions carefully:
Start product inspection task in a clock-wise Direction.
1. Check appearance by holding up (jacket) at shoulder points. Examine front and back. Check for style details. Make symmetry control by folding the garment.
2. Open garment (jacket) and check front opening. Check for styling details, internal pockets, and lining, if applicable. Please check front and back embroidery design/print or heat seal design if these exist in the garment.
3. Inspect inside the jacket, inspect fabric appearance and all seams in a clockwise direction, starting from collar/hood (items 1 through 10) see illustration. Check all labels for location and accuracy.

4. Inspect outside of the collar.


5. Fold garment forward at shoulders and inspect back neck.


6. Inspect inside and outside.


7. Lay garment flat on the audit table. Check for styling details and pockets, if applicable. Zip/unzip garment/pocket several times to ensure zippers function correctly and do not jam. Check ties cords and eyelets if applicable.


8. Inspect left shoulder seam, inspect left armhole seam.


9. Fold left sleeve across front of garment. Inspect back left armhole. Check for shading between sleeves and body.


10. Stretch sleeve cuff to full extent. Inspect left sleeve cuff seam outside and inside.


11. Inspect left underarm seam. Inspect left side seam.


12. Stretch bottom hem to full extent, inspects bottom hem inside and out, front and back.


13. Inspect right side seam. Inspect right underarm seam.


14. Stretch right sleeves cuff to full extent. Inspect right sleeve cuff seam outside and inside.


15. Fold right sleeve across front of garment. Inspect back right armhole. Check for shading between sleeves and body.


16. Inspect right armhole seam. Inspect right shoulder seam.


17. Turn garment over. Lay garment flat on audit table. Check for styling details and any unchecked seams on back.



If OK then pass, if not then put sticker where found any defect, puckering, dent or item missing or any technical error etc.

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