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What is Fashion Merchandising?

The concept of the target group or end users is inevitable to the fashion designers while designing wearers. Designers usually may draw sketches according to their inner eye and then make it clear to the tailors directly. But some fashion designer prefers to dress up the mannequins before drawing a sketch. They emphasize on the figure of consumers, not on age. They consider wearer’s choice, demand, geographic placement, culture, weather and financial ability while creating a pattern. Fashion designers may take help from fashion merchandisers to get the above concepts. In addition, they get the help from fashion merchandisers to know about the current market trend and consumers feedback. Now let’s try to define the role of fashion merchandising in the apparel industry.
Fashion merchandising is the amalgamation of the practice that a new fashion item must be available in mass quantities to the customer after finishing designer’s task. Fashion merchandising job often makes us confused with fashion marketing though they work together, but they are two very dissimilar things. If we would like to recognize fashion merchandising seriously, it is significant to analysis the role of fashion merchandiser what they play in manufacturing, sourcing, promoting and selling fashion items.

A fashion merchandiser must have an important contribution to the types of fabrics used to make a piece of clothing in regards to manufacturing. Knowledge of having an impressive socio cultural and historical understanding of the fabrics, modify a designer’s vision into reality. A fashion merchandiser may take a designers piece and find the perfect way to manufacture the item while taking things like price and target market into consideration by applying their sharp knowledge about fabric and clothing construction. A fashion merchandiser has to procure lucrative and demand-able fashion items to be presented in a store, so sourcing becomes part of fashion merchandising day by day. Forecasting and fashion trend analysis are excellent qualities of a fashion merchandiser, besides this she/he have to be conscious of the target market for those fashion products what they handled, and it will help them for more accurate purchasing. Usually, a fashion merchandiser expert on textiles and fabrics, so during creations, a fashion designer should use their long time practical sense.

Ladies FashionBasically, a fashion merchandiser has to work for the designers, endorsing designer’s product and motivate consumers to buy vast quantities is a number one priority. A fashion merchandiser has to be fine visual merchandising skills, strong technical knowledge, and production skills with a creative mind. Fashion merchandising upholds designer selected items via the use of fashion shows where ingenuity and visual effects run awesome to draw the interest of potential buyers. In addition, fashion merchandisers endeavor the target market for a designer’s collection such as department stores, kids clothing stores or discount retailers etc.

Selling or vending is the most dominant element of a fashion merchandiser. A fashion merchandiser works hard for a designer who is liable to sell fashion items to stores in order to deliver those to purchasers. Innovation is an important factor because a fashion merchandiser must offer suggestions on how to display the items well in the store. A retail merchandiser is also liable and accountable for procuring and presenting fashion items within the warehouse. Last but not least a vast idea on forecasting and current market trend increase the strength of a fashion merchandiser which factor drive them to recommend regarding the production of the item.

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