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Factory Merchandiser Job Responsibilities

Merchandiser is the nucleus of a garments factory. Factory merchandiser has to do lot task to execute a bulk order. They have to keep close supervision from sample development to bulk shipment. Bulk production and shipment can’t be possible without help of factory merchandiser’s proper assistance.

Development Stage: 

Communicate with customer for below issues as well-

  • Once received sample sketch from buyer end, review it first very carefully. Then send it to CAD team to make design.
  • Prepare sample materials list after review the sample closely.
  • Develop and collect sample materials based on development sheet, original sample or based on customer requirement
  • Book space for sample making
  • Follow up Sample making
  • Initially make sample plane and collect available sample materials for fit sample
  • Once finish fit sample submit sample for buyer review
  • Meantime submit all developed materials to buyer to get approval
  • After getting fit sample comments, proceed to PP sample with all actual materials then forward to buyer to get approval
  • Communicate and push to customer until getting comments or approval
  • Arranging to dispatch Sample and materials
  • Maintain Sample sending Tracking File
  • Submit costing on received samples or requested modified samples
  • Confirm ship date after checking with planning department

Production Stage (after receiving PO): 

Materials Procuring:

  • Once receive PO and others related information from development team, check price, ship date & confirm to customer
  • Make order instruction & send to all
  • Update order confirmation file & order execution file
  • Collect BOM with cost sheet from development team
  • Cross check BOM & consumption
  • Finalize BOM
  • Finalize MPR
  • Send MPR to MCD for stock checking
  • After getting MCD report finalize PRS
  • Sending Approved Materials Swatch or Sample bags before starting materials purchasing
  • Follow up with supply chain & purchase team to proceed for purchase
  • Provide all related soft and hard copy document to Supply Chain
  • Check PO & tracking sheet & compare with PRS & cost sheet Provide all BOM to all related department
  • Update tracking sheet (based on container loading date)
  • Update tracking sheet based on materials receiving
  • Follow up replacement issue with Supply chain (if received shortage or defects goods)
  • PP Meeting will be called and conducted by QA team and Merchant will provide the information and documents (Approved Trim Card, Approved PP Sample with customer comments, BOM, Packing Instruction and related all information etc.)


  • Arrange a meeting with production people and brief all detailsa to them before start bulk production.
  • Follow up & Co-ordinate production and related department
  • Follow up with Production, Cutting & packing department to check whether they are following customer requirements or not.
  • Production line follows up to keep quality standard.
  • Collect daily production report & keep pushing to meet requested CRD
  • Send production status to Customer daily
  • Co-ordinate with all dept. for running issues and provide solution after communicating with Customer
  • Collect shipping sample and send it to buyer before 10 days of ex-factory


  • Ensure pre-final and Final Inspection date with concerning buyer
  • Co-ordinate to related dept. about invitation letter issuing to customer, hotel reservation, to arrange Lunch, Dinner, pick up & drops for related buyer’s representative.


  • Give booking and make communication with commercial team to prepare shipping document.
  • Inform Commercial department to do ex-factory.

Additional Task

  • Maintain Trim Card, PP Sample register (both for delivery and receiving)
  • Make purchase swatch card for purchase team and bulk trim card for buyer. PP Sample materials development and collection both from Local & Purchasing team
  • Make Master SWATCH
  • Update Tracking Sheet for each order (Check PO qty with PRS, input loading date and qty, input received qty and follow up with Purchasing team for any kind of discrepancy compare to PRS and Purchase Tracking of Supply Chain)
  • Print all related documents according to PO wise and pass to Supply China with signature
  • Ask for replacement against reject materials and follow up until in-house
  • Maintain PO wise file and keep all related hard copy documents
  • Work with Local Purchasing team for any kind of Print, Embroidery and send related all Layout to Local purchasing team to proceed for purchase
  • Follow up production and inspection
  • Cross check initial BOM & MPR before finalizing PRS

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