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How many kg is equal to 1 yard of cloth?

How many yards are there in 1 kg of cloth or how many kg is equal to 1 yard of cloth can be easily calculated with the help of the following formula. Fabric measuring formula yards to kg is very important to produce knit garments. In the context of knit garment merchandising you have to know this converting formula to accomplish yarn booking to do fabric manufacturing. For this we need to know the weight per square meter (GSM) and width of the fabric:


For example:

1 yard of cloth of 165 gsm and 58 inch width is equal to how many kg –


GSM 165 for clothes means-

165 grams of cloth = 1 square meter



1000 grams (1 kg) of cloth = 1000÷165

= 6.06 m square


Area = Length x Width

Here length of cloth = 1 yard

Width of cloth = 58 inches

(1 yard = 0.9144 meter)

(58 inches = 1.473 meters)


Area of cloth = 0.9144 x 1.473 square meters

= 1.347 m square


So, 6.06 meter square cloth = 1 kg

So 1.347 meter square fabric = 1.347 ÷ 6.06 kg

= 0.222 kg

Please be noted that this formula is very convenient to find out fabric quantity from kg to yard. Thus, this formula is frequently used in knit garment industry to give prior yarn booking to accomplish fabric manufacturing.

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