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How to Calculate Poly Bag Costing?

Poly bag: Poly bags, usually known as polyethylene bags, has a variety of uses in many industries. This is a plastic packet (pouch) used to contain garments destined for export or to merchandise so that apparels remain intact and they could not obtain dust, dirt or moisture.

poly bag processingGarments in a poly bag usually look smart and safe. Different type of materials used to produce poly bags such as PP, LD, HD, LLDP, LDPE, OPP and VINYL etc.
PP, LD, VINYL, LDPE & VINYL mainly used for special purposes. It is popular due to its glossy finish and excellent strength. Before PP and LD poly bags used for garments packing but now buyer like to use LLDP, LDPE for environmentally friendly issues.
Because both are a recyclable item but others cannot be recycled easily. LDPE is little bit expensive than LLDP. Thus, some productive uses both elements proportionally while producing poly bag. Besides, a mixture of both items helps to make a transparent poly bag. Thicknesses of a poly bag for general purpose are between 100-450 gauges. In addition to materials of poly bags, there may be different construction of poly bags:
1) Plain poly bags
2) Poly bags with flap
3) Lip and Gazette bags
4) Poly bag with button
5) Hanger Bags
6) Poly tubing/Heat Sealed
7) Adhesive Poly or self-sealing bags
8) Slider zip lock poly
9) Zip lock ploy
Thickness: Usually, three different ways can be used to count poly bag thickness.
1) Mil
2) Microns
3) Gauge
Mil: Mil is recognized as thousands of an inch. One mil means the thickness is about 1/1000 of an inch.
Micron: Micron is 1/1000 of an M.M
Gauge: It is a globally recognized system for counting poly bag thickness. One gauge is equal to 1/100000 of an inch. So, one mil is equal to 100 Gauge.
Conversion: 1 mil = 25 microns = 100 Gauge.
Poly bags need to be treated if they are required to be printed. If poly bags undergo special treatment before printing, printing does not wash away. Generally, flexo printing, griever printing, roto or screen printing is done in poly bags.
Garment industries require massive quantities of poly bags for export or merchandise their products.
Merchandiser needs to procure poly bag during dispatch the finished goods. There are no exact principles for costing poly bags. The cost of these items, mainly depends on the number of quantities; style provided, design to be printed and the type of sealing mechanism etc.
We can follow below formula to find out poly bag costing.
A LDPE poly bag having 28” length, 3” flap, 14” width, 140-gauge thickness with self-adhesive facility and if the cost of polymer is $.50 per lb. Polymer is the main ingredients to produce poly bag. Let’s find out the cost of 1 PC poly bag.
So, the weight of material = (28 + 3 x 14 x 140) / 3300
= 60760 / 3300
= 18.412 kg / 1000 pieces
Cost of Material = 18.412 kg x $.50 per lb
= 18.41 x $1.1 Kg (as we know 1 kg=2.20 lb)
= $20.253 / 1000 pieces
= $0.020 (cost of 1pc poly bag)
Cost of Adhesive tape= 28” x $.002
= $.056
So, final cost of 1-piece poly bag will be = ($0.020+$.056)
= $0.076
poly bag production

If exist print, please include that cost with this poly bag costing. Please be noted that poly bag factory may not take under 1000 units for LDPE, PP bags order due to consideration of their raw materials wastage and production smoothness. But for the gazette type of poly bags, it has to be over 5000 units. MOQ could be negotiable depends on supplier’s wiliness.

During poly bag order, the following issues need be clear to the supplier to erase hassle.
* Opening way
* Length and width of the bag.
* With or without flap
* Type of material
* Sealing mechanism
* Thickness
* Recyclable logo/Brand logo/Warning logo or any specific info need to be printed.
* Number of vent or designs of venting.
* Number of colors or color specification etc.
Lead Time:
Normal poly bag can be supplied by supplier within two days after order placement but gazette, printed, with sealing mechanism or button attachments will increase the lead time up to 10-12 days upon its features.

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