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How to Calculate Carton box costing?

Carton box is a mandatory item to keep your product safe and secure. Carton box must be required while doing ex-factory. It should be strong enough to protect the finished goods. It can keep your products safe from damage and theft. Thus, garment merchandisers have to know carton box costing and ensure the right quality of carton boxes are used for shipment. Many of us think it is very tough but actually not. Buyer will provide carton box dimension, board quality, and ply-board quantity. Merchandiser has to collect and approve carton box according to the buyer’s requirements. Today we are going to show you an easy method for calculating carton costing.

Carton box Costing Calculation Method:

Garments merchandiser should confirm the following information before calculating carton box costing:

  1. Carton box height in cm.
  2. Carton box width in cm,
  3. Carton box length in cm,

Important tips**

 Once above information is at hand, a garment merchandiser can calculate ply-board consumption for the carton box and multiply with ply board rate.

Now a garment merchandiser can easily calculate carton box costing by using the below formula. Suppose, a merchandiser is going to order a 7-ply 500pcs carton box with length is 70cm, width is 50cm, and height is 25cm. Now we can easily calculate those 500pcs carton box costs.

(Where 7-ply board rate is $0.75 per square meter)

Carton box costing (per PC carton box), 

 The following example is enough to remove all the confusion.


Carton box length – 70cm,

 Width of carton- 50cm,

 Carton height – 25cm,

 7-ply board rate per square meter- $0.75

Total carton box quantity= 500pcs.


Total Ply-board consumption (Per pc carton in square meter),

 = 1.89 square meter per pc carton.

Now, we will multiply it with 7 ply board rate per square meter- $0.75

Then we will get-

Carton costing (per PC carton box),

 = Ply-board consumption (Per pc carton in square meter) × ply-board rate (per sq. meter)

 = 1.89 × 0.75

 =$1.41 per pc carton box.


For 1pc carton, carton box cost will be $1.41


For 500pcs carton, carton box costing will be (1.41 × 500) = $705

Please find a google drive link to download the excel file to figure out carton box costing individually. Please hit the link to download your desired file.

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