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Daily work practice in merchandising department

Start by doing what is necessary. Then what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible. Above motto, you have to begin your task every day. Read or listen something positive first for the day in the morning its sets the charming tone in your
Put the frame of work to make the day a positive day. Cause if you are going tochange your carrier you need to start immediately.

Here beneath write down the steps those merchandisers should follow at a glance:
1. Getting proto sample request from buyer/buyers representative
2. Preparing material list/getting a material list from the third party.
3. Conveying detail of sample to pattern, CAD, sample room & sample Q.A, buyer Q.A etc.
4. Conveying sample material details to the material department for arranging.
5. Details change and articulation and styling descriptions meeting/providing in-term information of change about the sample to Pattern, CAD, sample & sample Q.A and material department.
6. Development of artwork and if necessary, please make a mock up.
7. Responsible for the sampling programs until final approval from the buyer.
8. After collecting quality passed sample and dispatched (through sample invoice, no commercial value) to the determined person of buyer. Please keep a keeping sample look like to dispatch sample.
9. Making initial consumption and cost sheet getting information based on proto sample upon data from CAD and work study department.
10. Arranging fit meeting11. Receive salesman sample. Produce as bulk pattern system but priority to accommodate in modular line or sample room.
12. Follow 16, 17, & 18.
13. Development, submit of s/sample for comments
14. Finalizing cost sheet after approval of sample and send to the buyer after reviewed by a superior.
15. Receive buy plan/forecast order.16. Receiving bulk order & breakdown assigning our # or commodity/ style etc.
17. Finalizing consumption per breakdown based on CAD mixed marker and preparing material list/PR List
18. Prepare rough material estimate time of arrival after getting information from the supplier and Initial production planning by fast reacts and space booking.
19. Cost sheet again review and consumption adjusts if required.
20. Making worksheet & material list (rough) and review by other people to be over confirm.21. Order placement both local and overseas. Negotiate with the supplier for material price.
22. Proforma invoice receive and confirmation early delivery request to keep feed on,
23. To arrange the lab test, DTM, color reference and other necessary to comply buyer’s match color dice of design, provide the reference sample to get approval of ultimate buyer.
24. Request for payment to top management and T.T from here as finance will be advised.
25. Follow up material tracking report and provide all necessary documents to import for clearing material from the port.26. Monitor with shipping line for on-time arrival of materials, collect import-shipping docs and advise to process docs for cargo clearance.
27. Size set sample for pattern fit completion follow-up, (some buyer jump size)
28. QRS/Pre- production sample approval, Q.A files prepare and submit to the buyer for approval.
29. Follow-up of trail cutting and consumption adjustment (if any).
30. Follow-up of material inspection and report to buyer and supplier in case of nominated supplier if found defect goods.31. Report to buyer for potential delay. Quote the delivery date to buyer and finalizing upon import of material situation and production planning.
32. Sending the WIP/Generation report to buyer
33. Follow up daily production in production floor, reviewing production report and progress to meet delivery target.
34. Prepare and sending export plan to all concerned department month wise
35. Booking to forwarder and get tentative air/ocean schedule36. Collect D/p, L/c
37. Prepare initial invoice and export paper by following customs formalities
38. Get allocation of quota (subject to requirement) clearance from EPB
39. Invite buyer for final inspection/authorized Q.A.
40. Arrange shipment (challan) and transportation plan of goods
41. Prepare air shipment status.
42. Preparing post shipment documents/air accompanies docs.
43. All shipping documents need to send customer as assigned in L/C, sales contract.44. Handing over negotiation document to export department for negotiation.
45. Monitor payment realization. In addition, maintain shipping register.
46. Prepare realization certificate from bank for next year quota allocation.
47. Settlement of D/a reconciliation (if necessary) or reimbursement.
48. Beside this they have to do other works depending on organizations demand:
49. Assist top management in budgetary process, yearly production target and other important issues as and when required.
50. Production planning & execution (T&A)
51. Arrange ship back to different destination52. Making quota report and follow up
53. Up-dating leftover material/garment status and should adjust with next order or credit to factory (in case)
54. Arrange buyer meeting.
55. Arrange stock shipment.
56. Release of C& F Bill, forwarder bill, courier bill & other as local purchase.
57. Correspondence to every concern
58. To prepare FRD report (Fortnight real data) on the basis of last two weeks performance.
59. To prepare FBS report (Fortnight business status). Actually, it’s hard to narrate the daily job activities of a merchandiser working in a garment’s factory. A merchandiser has to follow up from sampling to finished goods. In addition, they got to follow up the shipment schedule as well.

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