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One page for Visual Assessment of Fabric inspection

Please keep this document in the area of visual color assessment for quick reference. Please refer to current color material for details.

Color discrimination skills
* All color assessors must have color discrimination skill represented by a score of 16 or less using the Unseaworthiness 100 Hue test. Annual retesting is required.
Constant condition suggested
* Relative Humidity 65% ± 5% Temperature: 20°C ± 2°C: Audit logs of RH & Temp Record, needs to be kept.
* If having a conditioned room, suggest having lab dips conditioned for 4 hours. The face of the lab dips must be exposed to ambient light (not in light-box) during conditioning.
* If using a conditioning chamber, condition lab dips for 30 minutes, Lab dips must be exposed to ambient light (not in light-box) for 10 minutes after conditioning if the chamber that does not have light.

* Visual & instrumental assessment must be completed within 30 minutes after conditioning.

Light box & Light sources

* Primary: D65 *Secondary: TL 84
* Daily internal light level (foot candles or Kelvin temperature) audit log needs to be kept.
* Light tubes must be changed regularly as suggested by the manufacturer and keep the change log.
* Light-box must be placed in a dark room or curtained area without incidental light.
* Prefer the background color or light box to be Matt Emulsion Grey 5574 or N5
Color Standard
* Kept standard under conditioned environment
* Please mark the quadrant or hue preference wanted.
* Never touch the face of standard
* Never put standard inside the light box when not reviewing lab dip submits.
* Never put standard on the top of light box at any time.
Lab dip
* Face up (refer to item description)
* 4-layer folded
Viewing setup
Only color standard & lab dip submit in the light box when reviewing colors.
* Sample must be centered in the light box.
* Put standard at the left side of lab dip submits.
* Samples must be reviewed at 45*
Color Comments
* Hue (ΔA/B): Go more/less red, more/less yellow, more/less blue
* Lightness (ΔL): Go lighter, go darker
*Chroma (ΔC): Go brighter, go duller
* Supplier should consult dye supplier for assistance for ACH issue before submitting lab dips to buyer
* If cannot achieve CF/color shade at the same time, supplier should prioritize color.
* Re-lab dips must follow rejected comments from buyer colorist, Please communication with buyer colorist immediately if any disagreement.

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