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Trims physical Inspection Check points

Trims are another common item has to use to accomplish garments. Importance of trims physical inspection is still immeasurable. All attempts would be in vain if somehow attach defective trims in the garments and found it at the final inspection. So, it’s a good practice for garments Q.A department to check necessary trims physically before issuing for a particular style. Trims physical inspection process and checkpoints have narrated below for Q.A departments:

trims** Zipper:

» Check the Zipper color as Approved/Standard at all parts.

» Check the Zip-Length as per spec in inch/cm and Zip Teeth/Coil # in mm each size.
» Check the Zipper slider function as Lock, Non-lock or auto-lock as active.
» Check any Zipper Bow/Bias.
» Check the Zip slider/stopper/teeth furnish/finish/dye color split or broken.
» Check any Zipper tape damage.
» Check any Sharp point at Zipper Slider, Puller & Stopper.
» Check the Zipper slider/tape/teeth/stopper color shading.
** Snap Button:
» Check the snap color as approved/standard at all parts.
» Check the snap-button size/line on the line- parameter as per spec.
» Check any snap damage or broken or creek mark by all parts/pairs.
» Check the snap color/finish split and color shading.
» Check any sharp point at all snap parts.
** Velcro:
» Check the Velcro hook-Pile color as approved/standard.
» Check the Velcro size, width and length as per specification.
» Check the Velcro color shading
» Check any PIN or metallic objects at Velcro roll.
» Check the Velcro rough edge and uneven Hook-Pile distribution.
** Label / Hang-tag:
» Check the Brand label LOGO as approved.
» Check the main Brand Woven Label weaving defect any.
» Check the Main label color as approved/standard and color difference.
» Check the care/content label information as correct.
» Check the care/content label lettering off/uneven print.
» Check Hang-tag size/artwork/thickness/lettering off/rough print etc carefully.
** Webbing/Elastic band/Twill tape:
» Check the webbing/elastic band/twill tape color as approved/standard.
» Check webbing/elastic band/twill tape size in width and length as per specification.
» Check any PIN or metallic object at webbing/elastic band/twill tape roll.
It would be better if approved sample checked by Q.A guy to ensure trims quality before step into physical inspection of trims. Besides, Q.A department should set up a skilled team to check all trims physically to increase productivity and erase hassle in the final review. Finally, we can say if the defective trims suspected before forwarding to the next process than at the end of the day there is a very little possibility to have defective garments at final inspection stage.

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