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Fact that inspires selection of clothing

Apparel makes the man smart” it is an old proverb, which we believe as without giving it much consideration. Dresses do not only make the man flourish but also influence the facial expressions and the body. Clothing is a vital element that takes us in front of the people and communicates with them simultaneously. We cannot deny that clothing is a symbol of smartness.

cloth selectionCloth covers the body and resists the user from sun’s ray, heat, cold, wind, sand, water, and dust. Usually, the facts which mostly encourage us to procure wearer are user’s income, age, season, occasion, passion, culture and fashion test etc.
The real factors for cloth selection mainly depend on customer’s manners and test. The main purpose of this article is to focus on different factors for fabric selection. These are illustrated as follows:
Income: It is one of the major factors for selecting wearer. Usually, we have to think more during procurement of any material what we require. Amount of money has an effect on the selection of clothing. The demand for clothing may change according to the income of the family. Suppose, the people who income less, always gives more priority to comfort, durability, and price as compared to fashion and beauty. The people who are rich may capable of spending more money for clothing as compared to the low-income group. They have an ability to spend more money to procure fashionable wearers rather than on durable clothes. On the other hand, people belonging to low-income group always give priority for getting durable clothes rather than delicate ones.
Age: Everyonemust consider the age group of an infant during selecting wearer. Dainty prints in soft colors are lucrative and suitable for small children’s. Some prints are not appropriate for elementary school going children’s like nursery prints. The boys prefer masculine colors in adolescent stage biz blue, brown and grayish blue. On the other hand, teenagers prefer to wear pink, red and green which are considered feminine colors. Girls prefer soft, spandex and silicon softener effect fabric what cope up with their body shape. Vice versa is true. Boys like rough and tough fabric with more stiffness washing effect wearer.
Child age group is one of the best determiners to change and vary while selecting as a dress. Toddlers and infants deserve the A-line dresses. Girl’s frocks are enriched with a lot of gathers by default. In addition, collars vary according to age group. The collars which are suitable for children may not appropriate with an adolescent.
Season: Naturally some colors are linked with coolness, and some colors are friendly with warmness. For example green, blue, white etc. are associated with freshness. Some other colors like red, orange and golden yellow are bad conductors of heat and related with warmth. So, warm colors are suitable for winter, and cool colors are chosen for summer. Some fabrics have developed to achieve a particular goal, and they are suitable for winter while others are not appropriate for winter. For example fleece, synthetics, wool, and silk are suitable for the winter season as they are a bad conductor of heat. Cotton, linen, and blends of cotton with synthetic fiber are good for the summer season as they are an excellent conductor of heat and absorptive.
Occasion: Choice of clothing may change according to the festival and event. Simple design and durable dresses can be chosen for regular usages but a festival or a special occasion, we always prefer formal clothes with the lucrative design.
Fashion: Fashion conscious people always prefer stylish item, but too much fashion should be avoided. Fashion curious guy always searches different types of stylish dress to bring new area as stylish wearers look gorgeous and make our mind cheerful. When someone goes out of fashion, he/she looks odd. Few fabrics and colors are in fashion while others are not. Some clothes should be brought according to fashion and others should be simple. Rich people can choose fashionable wearers to a considerable extent as compared to the low-income group.
Passion: Sometimes selection of clothing may not follow above factors. If someone is passionate for any lucrative dress, he/she may not be satisfied without collecting that one. Though they do not have the ability to that time but they will use their level best capacity to achieve it.
Culture: Culture, environment, religious value, and the socioeconomic condition have an effect on the selection of clothing. Suppose, women of East-Asia like to wear saree, blouse, layhenga and men of that rezone like to wear lunge, foutia, Panjabi. So, people of East-Asia might not inspire to procure skirts, shorts, bikini, coats, overall, pullovers etc. though these items are cheaper than their desired items. Oppositely, people of the western country like to wear shorts, complete suit, overall, gown, bikini, skirt etc. because they are habituated to wear those dress.

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