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Career Opportunities in Fashion Industry

damiThe lucrative wearer what we purchased from the supermarket is the outcome of many people effort. We only know some fashion icons who are working on the front line. But many of us do not know maximum portion in this sector that are paying labor behind the scene. Career in the fashion industry is always decent and lovely.
Currently, people are becoming too much fashion conscious of showing their personalities and liking. They wish to pay some extra penny to procure fashionable wearers. Everyone wants to wear a lucrative trendy dress in their regular life; that’s way career opportunities are vastly amplified in this arena.
Why do you join in Fashion Industry?
Do you have a creative mind and innovative eyes? Do you have an eagerness to perform in the fashion world? Do you finish your graduation from any fashion institute? Do you have an enthusiasm for fashion and culture? Do you determine to build your career in any energetic field? Do you capable of meeting the demand of hungry fashion people? Do you wish to engage in a profitable and rewarding career? Do you want to perform in media or want to work for famous fashion icon? Do you have sound body and mind to cope up with the dynamic situation? A career in the fashion industry may be the right option for you where you will get enough space to scale up your hidden talent!
Many of us do not know the information of tremendous career opportunities in local or global fashion industry. There are numerous segments of job opportunities that you can chase to get a different taste in the fashion industry. You may perform as a fashion designer, a fashion artist, a model, a photographer, a merchandiser, a media journalist or choice another similar type of profession by taking proper education and experience. By performing in the fashion industry, someone may get fame, wealth, reward as well as have an opportunity to develop a personal brand in the fashion marketplace. Moreover, he who performs in the fashion industry may get much remuneration than any other profession. You probably know prominent fashion icons like as Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Coco Chanel, Giorgio Armani or Donna Karan. All of them played a significant role in this sector and built a versatile career in the fashion industry by implementing merit.
Though there are different segments in this sector by observing the total activities of the fashion industry, it can be divided into four parts that are design, manufacturing, marketing/promotion and retail sales. Each category has vast career opportunities for fresh or qualified candidates. The design section consists of designers, illustrator’s, sketching assistants and pattern makers that can create designs, revise designs or break designs down into their component parts.
The manufacturing section consists of operators, technicians, dressmakers, seamstresses, tailors, supervisors and quality controller who are capable of delivering the finished goods that others have designed. Marketing/promotion section consists of marketers, models, photographers, graphic designer, advertisers and stylists who help the designer to present, display and sell the finish goods to a retailer. Retail sales section consists of buyers, merchandise planners, salespeople and retail managers who buy the finished goods from the designer or producer and then sell them to mass people by the different way. Please find a chart to know different career opportunities in the fashion industry:
 1) Design
2) Manufacturing
Senior Designer

Assistant Designer
Associate Designer
Designer Assistant
Fashion Forecaster
Product developer
CAD Designer
Pattern Room Manager
Pattern Grader
Senior Pattern Maker
Intermediate Pattern Maker
Junior Pattern Maker
Fashion Predictor
Freelance Fashion Designer
Fashion Photographer
Lecturer in Fashion Institute
Fashion Model
Beauty Therapist
Make-up Artist
Image Consultants
Tattoo Artist
Personal Assistant
Clothing Pattern Maker
Fashion Sales Representative
Accessories Designer
Fashion Illustrator

Textile Artist
Embroidery or Print Designer
Fashion designer come wellness consultant

Fashion coordinator

Production Manager
Fashion Technician/Technologist
Cutting Room Manager
Sample Cutter
Sample Machinist
Workroom Assistant
Costing Manager
Specification Technician
Operations Manager (Sourcing)
Production Manager
Offshore Production Manager
Domestic Technical Manager
Production Planner
Production Coordinator
Production Assistant
Senior Production Cutter
Production Lay Planner
Marker Maker
CAM Cutter Operator
Head Supervisor
Senior Machinist
Trainee Machinist
Senior Presser
Presser Quality Control
Finishing Manager
Packing Assistant
Fabric Librarian
Work Study Manager
Embroidery Puncher
Print technician
Industrial Engineer
Fire and Safety Consultant
3) Marketing/Promotion
 4) Retail and Customer Service
Business Promotion Manager

Sales/Brand Representative

Press Assistant
Public Relations
Working for a Magazine
Advertising Account Coordinator
Textile Agent
Marketing/Social Media Assistant
Senior Merchandiser
Intermediate Merchandiser
Junior Trainee
Assistant Merchandiser
Junior Merchandiser
Asst. Sales and Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Product Merchandiser
Sales Executive/Representative
Sales Support
Visual Merchandise Manager
Visual Merchandiser
Visual Merchandiser
Fashion / Media Journalist
Logistic Manager
Retail Manager
Store Manager
Assistant Store Manager
Retail Sales Assistant
Inventory Manager
Store Security
Store Maintenance
Assistant General Retail Manager
National Retail Operations Manager
National Retail Manager
Regional Retail Manager
Area Retail Manager
Retail Buyer
Merchandise Planner
Assistant Retail Buyer (Intermediate)
Retail Buyer’s
Assistant (Junior)
Trainee Buyer

Senior Store Manager

 5) Finance and Administration
Requirement Consultant

Managing Director
General Manager
Financial Controller
Human Resources (HR) Manager
Administration Manager
Administration or Data entry Staff
Credit Officer
Accounts Clerk
Operations Manager
Purchasing Manager
Import Coordinator
Shipping Coordinator
Shipping Clerk
Warehouse Manager
Dispatch Manager
Order Coordinator
Warehouse Assistant

Goods Delivery
Protocol staff
Law Consultant



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