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Dos and Don’ts of Fashion in summer!

Author: Nimrah Shahid

(Has a passion for writing and always looking for something interesting to write. Mostly working according to the reader’s demand of interest in topic to deliver something valuable)

 Summer FashionWith the rising temperature out there, it becomes necessary to update your wardrobe accordingly while ensuring that you avoid some of the most common summer fashion slip-ups. Although everyone has their own idea of what suits them and what doesn’t, there are a few general guidelines of summer fashion that would surely cast the spotlight on you if followed. Fashion requires one to be up-to-date with the trends in the latest clothing items and accessories, which can be easily bought from a variety of online marketplaces these days such as Kaymu. So read on to find out about the top three dos and don’ts of fashion in summer to make your daily life comfortable.
Little SkinDo Show Off a Little Skin
Its summer season, and you can’t be expected to clad yourself from head to toe! Baring a little skin is just what you need; not only will it ward off the heat, but it would also be a welcoming sight in the hot and humid summers of Bangladesh.
Your FeetDo Prep Your Feet
At times; we focus too much on what adorns the upper part of our bodies that we forget to pay attention to what goes on our feet. Summer season is the best time to prep your feet with a pedicure and shows off those beautified toes with a pair of funky sandals, open toe heels, flip flops, wedges and the like.
ComfortDo Focus on Comfort
Looking your best should be a top priority, granted. But does that imply that you should compromise on comfort and relaxation? Not at all! You can still dress up fabulously with lighter fabrics like linen and cotton, be it in a business environment or an evening out with friends.
Under dressedDon’t Be Under-dressed

Summer season does not mean that you have to let go off your clothes and wear only a bare minimum. Instead, you can dress up in bright colors and complement your look with a plethora of summer accessories that you can find on online fashion marketplaces such as eBay, which caters to a wide range of all kinds of products, or exclusive online fashion houses such as aarong, banglar mela, rang-bd etc. Good sense can keep you ahead of others to be smart in summer.

showDon’t Show it All
Revealing a little bit of skin is good; after all, it’s summer season! But there’s a fine line between showing a little and a little too much. Deep necks, open backs, and rising hemlines are not suitable for a professional working environment, and you can always choose to wear sleeveless or short-sleeved tops with simple or tight fit pants instead of opting for a short skirt. You can read more about summer work wear dos and don’ts on the telegraph. Please apply your sense to make fashion and should realize that which dresses are perfect for making fashion in summer.
dull darkDon’t Go Too Dull and Dark

Dull and dark colors must be reserved for the gloomy winters; summer season is all about bright colors and funky accouterments. Dressing up in toned down colors may work once in a while, but you should not limit yourself to monochrome dressing or dark colors; not only do they absorb more heat in summers, but are also not appealing to the eye!

Summer season is all about having fun and feeling fresh while looking your best. Remember, you can wear comfortable and airy clothing, and enjoy an amazing look while successfully beating the heat! Though sometime summer season becomes clumsy and you should eat a lot of seasonal fruit and water to feel better.

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