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Let’s do Fashion at winter!

Winter will come once a year. But sometimes it will make much panic. Winter season is unique itself. Some cold related problems arise in winter. We have to wear heavy wearers during winter to protect ourselves. That’s why most of the mass people forget about fashion and concentrate on surviving. But there are few ways to follow fashion in winter also. Winter is the perfect time for style conscious people. Here we have tried to amalgamate some tips regarding winter fashion.
1) Three layers fashion…
There are 03 layers wearers which save us from bone shivering cold and provide fashionable look simultaneously.

A) Base Layer

winter fashionThis category dresses fit very close to the body. It could be knit or thermal as well. It is comfortable if it is made of cotton and spandex. It exposes curvaceous figure of a female. Intimate fashion is one of the parts of current fashion. An example is tights and inner dresses.
B) Middle layer
The wearers belong to this category should be appropriate and exquisite. Beside this, it needs to be enough to make warmness and comfortable. An example is a formal or casual vest, T-shirt, formal shirt, and pant etc.
C) Outer layer
Outer wearers are worn in winter as top layer. This is easy to try in and try out. Besides this waterproof wearers can be chosen if needed. An example is sweater, padded or down jacket, suit, blazer, long-coat and overcoat etc are perfect to protect from crazy winter.
2) Hand gloves
Hand gloves are useful for our hands to protect winter. Colorful gloves will add additional attraction in your style.
3) Hat & Scarf
Hat and scarf will save your head and neck from the cold. Indeed, it adds a new dimension to your fashion and protects from cold related diseases. Natural or artificial fur designated hat, monkey cap and scarf will give you more comfort and fashion.
4) Extra care of legs
Extra one layer wearer could be worn if winter pains much. It will be tight and exist inside the jeans or trouser. It could be knit or thermal as well. One Pantaloon with leg gaiter is available now. In addition, colored legging could add a new dimension in your fashion.
5) Socks
Thick socks could be tried to save legs. Wool made socks can create an additional impact to your fashion statement.

6) Boots
We have to take much care of our legs during winter. We cannot use slipper in winter like summer season. But we can use boots, shoes or cads at this time. You can search long walking boots and high heels shoes to protect your uncovered area.
7) Shawl 
Colored shawl is worn in this cold weather. Suitable and artistic designed shawl can add value to your fashion consciousness.
8) Balance in tight and loose fitting dresses
You should make a balance between tight and loose wearers for optimum result. Loose fitting wearers are privileged in winter regarding warm dresses. But top wearers could be loose and bottom wearers could be tight fitting.

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