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Polo-Shirt fabric consumption formula

Today we will know how to calculate polo shirt’s fabric consumption of an order. We know fabric consumption is the most important factor to carry out any order in apparel industry. Fabric consumption is requiring getting an idea over the cost of the garments product. Since it depends on fabric prices, therefore, we should focus on fabric consumption to get accurate and closure consumption of an order. It will reduce fabric wastage which will be economically beneficial for us. Garments merchandiser has to do fabric consumption frequently as it is a common practice in this arena. Fabric wastage and loss can be reduced by preparing accurate consumption. Accurate fabric consumption is relative to the order profit margin. Today I will try to share the formula of fabric consumption of a Knitted Polo Shirt. I think you will get benefit after reading this article.

Method of Fabric Consumption Calculation for Knitted Polo Shirt:

A knitted polo shirt consists of the following parts. We should sort out the major parts of a knitted polo shirt before going to consumption calculation.

  1. Body parts (Body + Sleeve),
  2. Collar,
  3. Cuff,
  4. Pocket,
  5. Half-moon.

Half-moon and pocket are dependent upon the buyer requirements. If buyer added these items in their spec sheet, then you have to count these parts.

Nike buyer has given an order of 20,000 pieces with the following specification.

  1. 100% cotton single jersey Knitted fabric for body parts (Body + Sleeve), Half-moon and Pocket. Where fabric GSM is 160gm.
  2. 1 × 1 Rib fabric for collar and Cuff. Where the fabric GSM is 220gm.
  3. Item: Basic men’s s/slv Polo shirt

Merchandiser should find out accurate consumption before yarn and fabric booking. Buyer will provide a size measurement chart. Now he has to find out consumption based on the middle size of that measurement chart. We can select L size to get the consumption.

Please find the following measurement chart to go-ahead

Polo shirt consumption and cost sheet usually prepare based on dozen. Formula will be same whether it is one piece or one dozen. There is two formula exists to prepare a basic Polo shirt consumption. European buyer always prefers CM to do measurement but USA buyer prefers inch to do measurement of garments product. You should know both formulas to become an expert merchandiser. Let’s find first formula to prepare basic Polo shirt consumption.

Now, we will find out the fabric consumption for the above order.

1. Fabric consumption for Body parts (Body +Sleeve):
Here, we will follow the following formula (per dozen), = 3.46 kg per dozen.

So, fabric’s consumption for Body parts (Body +Sleeve) is 3.46 kg per dozen.

2. Fabric’s consumption for Collar:
Here, we will follow the following formula (per dozen),

= 0.1161kg per dozen.

So, fabric’s consumption for Collar is 0.1161kg per dozen.

3. Fabric’s consumption for Cuff:
Here, we will follow the following formula (per dozen),

= 0.0712kg per dozen.

So, fabric’s consumption for Cuff is 0.0712kg per dozen.

4. Fabric’s consumption for Pocket:
Here, we will follow the following formula (per dozen),

= 0.0411kg per dozen.

So, fabric’s consumption for Pocket is 0.0411kg per dozen.

5. Fabric’s consumption for Half-moon:
Here, we will follow the following formula (per dozen),

= 0.0633kg per dozen.

So, Fabric’s consumption for Half- moon is 0.0633kg per dozen.

Now, total amount of single jersey cotton fabric needed for this order is (per dozen),

= [{Body parts Fabric consumption (Body +Sleeve) + Pocket Fabric consumption + Half- moon Fabric’s consumption} + wastage (10%)]

= {(3.46+ 0.0411+ 0.0633) kg + 10%}
= 3.56kg + 10%
= 3.91kg per dozen

So, for 20,000pcs (1666.66 dozen) polo shirts, cotton single jersey fabric needed (3.91 × 1666.66) = 6516.64kg

Total amount of (1 × 1) Rib fabric needed for this order is (per dozen),
= {(Collar Fabric consumption + Cuff Fabric consumption) + wastage (10%)}
= {(0.1161 + 0.0712) kg + 10%}
= (0.1873kg + 10%)
= 0.2060kg per dozen.

So, for 20,000pcs (1666.66 dozen) polo shirts, (1 × 1) Rib fabric needed (0.2060 × 1666.66) = 343.33kg.

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