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Textile Industry

Top Ten Textile Industries in Bangladesh

Inside of a textile industry


Textile sector in Bangladesh is widely recognized for its esteemed standing in the global market for clothing, which is characterized by intense competition. Textile industry in Bangladesh exhibits specialization in the production of textile goods, including knitwear and woven apparels. These products are the leading contributors to the country’s export revenue. Bangladesh possesses a significant number of prominent textile facilities that are actively involved in exporting high-quality textile items to global markets. Bangladesh ranks as the second highest exporting nation globally, following China. The nation’s economic reliance heavily rests on the exportation of textiles, since this sector contributes to over 80% of the country’s total export revenue. The primary catalyst for the growth of textile industry in Bangladesh is the diligent and industrious labor force. This article presents a compilation of the top 10 textile industry in Bangladesh, along with their respective names and details.

List of Top 10 Textile Industries in Bangladesh

  1. Beximco Textile Division Limited
  2. Ha-meem Group
  3. Square Textile
  4. Noman Group
  5. DBL Group
  6. Opex Sinha Group
  7. Epyllion Group
  8. Thermax Group
  9. Viyellatex Group
  10. Mohammadi Group

Brief description about top 10 textile industries in Bangladesh are given below:

1) Beximco Textile Division Limited
The establishment of Beximco Textile Division Limited, a subsidiary of the Beximco Company, took place on 8 March 1994. The division initiated its commercial activities in 1995 and subsequently conducted a public offering of shares and debentures in the same year. The individual serving as the Chairman and founder of Beximco Group is Mr. Sohail F. Rahman. The composite mill in question is regarded as the most contemporary facility within the region. It generates annual revenue of $500 million in the United States. The annual production capacity of the entity is 365,000,000 units per year. Beximco Textile operates a yarn-spinning facility that combines cotton and polyester fibers. The weaving component of the facility is equipped with 288 high-speed air-jet looms, while the dyeing and finishing section possesses advanced technology and is capable of processing 100,000 yards of completed fabric daily.

Beximco Textile Division encompasses various departments, including the Denim division, Spinning division with a capacity of 122,000 spindles, Woven division responsible for producing 12 million woven labels monthly, Knitting division with a monthly output of 900 tons, Washing division, Garments division, Printing & Embroidery division, and Garments Accessories division. This organization adheres to the concept of the triple bottom line, which encompasses three key elements: People, Planet, and Profit. Notably, the prioritization of People and Planet is emphasized over Profit. Beximco Textile is a prominent entity engaged in the manufacturing, supply, and wholesale trading of clothes, garments, fabrics, and yarn within the nation of Bangladesh. The company has engaged in the production of globally recognized fashion brands, offering high-quality merchandise. YELLOW is a retail establishment affiliated with the parent company BEXIMCO.

At a glance of Beximco Textile Division Limited:

Company head office 350 Beximco Industrial Park Sarabo, Kashimpur Gazipur Bangladesh .
Phone +880-2-58611891, +880-2-58612040
Fax +880-2-58613470, +880-2-9615523, 7701164
Web address

2) Ha-meem Group
Ha-meem Group is recognized as one of the leading textile industries in Bangladesh, boasting a significant presence in the sector. The collective commenced its expedition in the year 1984. Currently, it has emerged as a rapidly expanding conglomerate throughout the nation. Mr. A. K. Azad assumes the roles of Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director within the Ha-meem Group of Companies. The aforementioned entity is a privately-owned corporation that holds a prominent position within the apparel industry of Bangladesh. Over an extended period, it has established itself as a leading exporter to the United States and Europe. The annual revenue generated amounts to 560 million USD. Currently, the organization possesses a total of 26 garment factories, in addition to a sweater factory, a poly bag business, a label factory, a jute mill, a chemical formulation plant, a tea estate, a transport company, a news channel, and a nationally renowned daily newspaper known as Samakal. The region under consideration encompasses a total of 26 textile manufacturing facilities, which consist of spinning mills with a monthly production capacity of 1200 tons, denim manufacturers capable of producing 5.0 million yards per month, woven fabric factories with a monthly output of 2.5 million yards, and washing plants that process 10.5 million pieces per month.


Currently, Ha-Meem Group has a workforce of approximately 50,000 individuals. The firm has a total of 26 garment factories, which are equipped with 300 production lines and 7 washing plants. These facilities enable the company to achieve a monthly manufacturing output of 7 million pieces. The production distribution of Ha-Meem group consists of 70% bottoms and 30% tops. A combination of 50% denim and 50% non-denim fabrics is being developed. At the plant level, all lines are upheld to a 2.5 Acceptable Quality Level (AQL). The manufacturing activity undertaken by the organization has resulted in the attainment of numerous accolades. Ha-Meem Group engages in business transactions with globally renowned merchants and purchasers. The primary commodities produced by this textile sector encompass Hi-Fashion Denim Jeans, Men’s Shirts, Dress Pants, Jackets Facility, and various other items. Ha-Meem group is a prominent global provider of readymade clothing and denim fabric.

At a glance of Ha-meem group:

Company head office 387 (South), Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh
Phone + 880-2-8170592, 880-2-8170593
Fax 880-2-8170583
Web address

3) Square Group (Textile Division)
Square Group came into the textile industry in Bangladesh in 1997. The Group has subsequently founded Square Textile Limited, Square Yarns Limited, Square Fashions Limited, Square Knit Fabrics Limited, Square Denims Limited, and Square Apparels Limited. Collectively, these entities are referred to as the Square Textile Division. Square Textiles Division is a multifaceted corporate conglomerate operating within the textile industry of Bangladesh. The establishment of the corporation was attributed to the efforts of Samson H. Chowdhury. The company provides a diverse selection of textile goods.

In 1997, SQUARE made its entry into the textile industry by establishing its inaugural unit, Square Textiles Ltd. One year later, SQUARE proceeds to its second phase. In the same location, SQUARE established its third facility in the year 2000. The corresponding investments for Unit 1, Unit 2, and Unit 3 amount to US$ 20 million, US$ 13.50 million, and US$ 12 million. Unit 1 is equipped with a total of 36,288 spindles, enabling it to achieve a daily output capacity of 20,000 kilograms. Unit 2 comprises a total of 23,184 spindles, each capable of producing 12,000 kilograms per day. Additionally, it includes 768 rotors, each with a daily output capability of 8,000 kilograms. Unit 3 is equipped with a total of 3,192 open end heads, which possess a daily production capacity of 20,000 kilograms. Square Textiles is involved in the processes of yarn development, manufacturing, and marketing. The company’s product portfolio encompasses a range of textile materials, including cotton yarn, polyester, synthetic yarn, woolen yarn, and blended yarn consisting of a combination of cotton and polyester fibers. The company’s operating profit for the fiscal year 2017-2018 amounted to Tk 444.19 million. In a brief period of time, the company attained notable success. Square Textile exports its products to well-established buyers in the United Kingdom, United States, and select European countries. Square Textile, a prominent textile company in the Asia Pacific region, has consistently upheld its commitment to providing value to its clientele.

At a glance of Square Textile:

Company head office 48 Mohakhali C/A Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Phone +8833047-56, +8859007
Fax +880 2 8828768, +880 2 8835021, +880 2 8828609
Web address http://textile.

4) Noman Group
Noman Group is a prominent entity within the textiles and garments sector in Bangladesh, known for its substantial size and influence. Noman Group holds a prominent position as the primary producer of home textile, fabric, garment, and terry towel within the nation of Bangladesh. Established in 1997, the organization primarily emphasizes the complete exportation of its products to global markets. The individual responsible for establishing Noman Group is Mr. Nurul Islam. Textile and garment industry combined exports around $1 billion worth of products annually on a global scale, while providing employment opportunities for approximately 70,000 individuals. Noman Group is engaged in the production of various textile products, including yarns, fabrics, home textiles, bed covers, curtains, comforters, quilt covers, denim, and towels. Noman Group engages in exporting its products to many regions, including the European Union, United States, Japan, and various Asian countries.

In the year 2011, Noman Group commenced operations of six textile factories, so increasing its total number of plants to 19. These factories collectively provided employment opportunities to around 40,000 individuals. The factories provide a comprehensive range of capabilities, encompassing spinning, weaving, processing, and washing, dyeing, printing, and stitching. Additionally, they are equipped with a fully functional research and development center, a chemical laboratory, and an accessories supply chain. Noman group is capable of manufacturing a monthly output of 7,500 tons of yarn, 21 million meters of textiles, 3.6 million meters of denim, 9,000,000 pieces of terry towels, 400,000 pieces of tops, and 1,000,000 pieces of bottoms. In the year 2012, an individual named Noman established a manufacturing facility dedicated to the production of towels. As of 2015, the company was managing a total of 28 operational factories, with an additional five facilities now in the process of being established. The company presently possesses a total of 33 subsidiaries, which encompass Talha Spinning Mills Limited, Talha Fabrics Limited, Talha Texpro Limited, Zaber and Zubair Fabrics Limited, Noman Terry Towel Mills Limited, Nice Fabrics Processing Limited, Artex Fabrics Limited, Zaber and Zubair Accessories Limited, Nice Spinning Limited, Printology Limited, Artex Knit Limited, Artex Fabrics Limited, Ismail Anjuma Ara Fabrics Limited, and others.

At a glance of Noman Group:

Company head office Adamjee Court Main Building (5th, 4th, 3rd Floor), 115-120, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh
Phone (+88 02) 7176207-8
Web address

5) DBL Group
DBL Group is a diversified garment and textile manufacturing firm based in Bangladesh. The inception of DBL Group occurred in the year 1991. Abdul Wahed serves as the Chairman of DBL Group, a prominent family business conglomerate based in Bangladesh. Additionally, it functions as a prominent knitwear enterprise throughout the nation. The range of industries in which their enterprises operate encompasses Apparels, Textiles, Textile Printing, Washing, Garments Accessories, Packaging, Ceramic Tiles, Pharmaceuticals, Dredging, Semiconductor Design (VLSI), ICT, and Telecommunications. The commercial concerns of the DBL group are outlined as follows:

  • Apparels and Knitting (Dulal Brothers Ltd., Jinnat Apparels Ltd., Flamingo Fashions Ltd., Jinnat Fashions Ltd., Jinnat Knitwears Ltd., Mawna Fashions Ltd.)
  • Textile Testing (Textile Testing Services Ltd.)
  • Sports (DBL Sports Ltd.)
  • Sewing Thread (Color City Ltd.).
  • Cotton Spinning (Matin Spinning Mills Ltd.)
  • Fabric Dyeing and Finishing (Mymun Textiles Ltd., Hamza Textiles Ltd., Color City Ltd.)
  • Distribution (DBL Distribution Ltd.)
  • Packaging (Parkway Packaging & Printing Ltd.)
  • Ceramic Tiles (DBL Ceramics Ltd.)
  • Fabric Printing (DB Tex Ltd.)
  • Garments Printing (Thanbee Print World Ltd.)
  • Dredging (DBL Dredging Ltd.)
  • ICT & Telecommunications (DBL Telecom Ltd., DBL Communications Pvt. Ltd., DBTEL)
  • VLSI Design (Neural Semiconductor)

This company has a total of 38,000 employees. The production capacity of the entity in question is 13 million units per month. DBL is widely recognized both domestically and internationally for its extensive range of sustainability initiatives. As of the fiscal year 2018-19, the group’s yearly revenue amounted to $600 million. The company is distributing its manufactured goods on the global market. The primary markets in which they operate are Europe, the United States, and Canada. H&M, Walmart-George, Puma, Esprit, and G-Star are prominent purchasers within their industry. The company in question holds the esteemed position of being the designated Platinum Supplier for H&M in the realm of knit garments. DBL collaborates with prominent international development organizations, including CARE, DEG, IFC, GIZ, ILO, and UNICEF. DBL group endeavors to enhance productivity by implementing strategies that are grounded in effective knowledge management and its subsequent transformation into practical capabilities.

At a glance of DBL Group:

Company head office Capita South Avenue Tower, 6th Floor, House 50, Road 03, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212, Bangladesh
Phone +880-2-8140367 – 74
Fax +880-2-8140214
Web address

6) Opex Sinha Group
Opex and Sinha Textile Group is a composite textile production facility located in Kanchpur, some 20 kilometers outside of Dhaka, along the Shitalakhya River. AEPZ, Mirpur, and other locations are where the majority of the factories are located. The total number of employees is approximately 55,000. Medlar Group and Opex Group are two of Sinha Group’s subsidiaries that operate in the garment industry. The chairman of the Sinha Group is Anisur Rahman Sinha. In 1995, Opex established its own vertical setup, known as Sinha Textile Group. One of the biggest factories in South Asia, it produces knit fabrics, gray fabrics, coloured fabrics, and high-quality yarn. With a lead time of 60–75 days, Opex and Sinha RMG business can produce 6 million dozen RMG units annually. Shirts, pants, shorts, shorts, jumpers, overalls, jackets, vests, sportswear, sleepwear, ladies dresses, T-shirts, and fleece items are among the woven and knit materials that Opex mostly produces. These goods are made with imported fabrics from all over the world.

Opex, on the other hand, has more than 18000 sewing machines distributed among 300 manufacturing lines, 44 of which are for knitting knit garments, as well as specialized Jacquard Sweater manufacturing Units. Every day, it makes more than 220,000 garments. The internal Dry and Wet processing units at Opex include Hand Sanding, Brushing, Chemical Spraying, Laser Blasting, Flexi, Crash machines, etc., as well as post-cure wrinkle-free processing facilities. One of the nation’s most cutting-edge denim washing facilities is located at Opex. It can wash 100,000–120,000 pieces of denim every day. Today, Opex has the necessary spinning, weaving, knitting, fabric dyeing, printing, and special finishes backward linking facilities for woven and knit fabrics. In-house production facilities for buttons, labels, sewing thread, elastic, twill tape, cartons, and poly bags are also available at Opex. Additionally, they have a screen printing and embroidery factory on site. With an annual export of more than $300 million dollars, Bangladesh’s garment industry is one of the top RMG exporters. In both domestic and foreign markets, it is offering high-quality items. EU, USA, UK, and Canada are its primary export markets.

At a glance of Opex Sinha Group:

Company head office Mohakhali Tower 82, Mohakhali, C/A Dhaka-1212
Phone +8802 8828860-4, +8802 9889689
Fax 880-2-8828856-7
Web address

7) Epyllion Group
Epyllion Group holds the distinction of being the largest manufacturing entity in the readymade garments business inside the country of Bangladesh. Reaz Uddin Al-Mamoon holds the position of Chairman within Epyllion Group. Epyllion Group has rapidly attained a notable standing in the burgeoning sector of ready-made clothes. The journey commenced in 1994 when Dekko Knitwears Limited established itself with two sewing lines and a workforce of 200 individuals in the Mirpur neighborhood of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently, Epyllion Group employs a workforce of over 18,000 individuals, distributed throughout 111 sewing lines. These sewing lines are part of several projects undertaken by Epyllion Group in different geographical locations. The successful execution of these projects can be attributed to the efforts of a team of visionary individuals who possess youthfulness and dynamism. The clothing division consists of four units. The following companies are included in the analysis: Dekko Knitwears Ltd, Epyllion Knitwears Limited, Dazzling Dresses, and Epyllion Styles. Dekko Knitwears Ltd has a total manpower of 1609 and a production space of 40,000 square feet. Epyllion Knitwears Limited also has a total manpower of 1609, but a larger production space of 58,500 square feet. Dazzling Dresses has a total manpower of 2,142 and a production space of 40,000 square feet. Lastly, Epyllion Styles has a total manpower of 2,361 and a significantly larger production space of 260,000 square feet.


Epyllion possesses a comprehensive network of backward linkages encompassing several categories such as knit garments, textiles, wet processing, and garment accessories. The company consists of two textile units, namely Epyllion Knitex Limited (EKL) and Epyllion Fabrics Limited (EFL). The organization possesses a testing laboratory known as Epyllion Testing Lab Limited [ETLL]. Epyllion Washing Unit (EWL) represents the sole washing unit inside the organization. Epyllion possesses two accessory units, namely Epyllion Limited [EPL] –(Accessory Hub) and Epyllion Limited [EPL] –(C&F). The Sailor fashion brand is owned by Epyllion Group.

In addition to its core operations, Epyllion encompasses other subsidiary units, namely the Real Estate Unit known as Nina Holdings Limited (NHL), the Food & Beverage Unit known as Epyllion Food & Beverage Limited (EFBL), and the Retail Business Unit known as Epyllion Holdings Limited (EHL).

The output of this particular industry comprises of knitted apparel and garments. The company is distributing its manufactured goods inside various regions of Bangladesh as well as in worldwide markets such as Europe, Australia, and the United States. Epyllion Group was awarded the title of “Exporter of the Year” for their yearly export turnover, which amounted to less than $50 million. According to an article published by The Daily Star on March 8, 2015,

At a glance of Epyllion Group:

Company head office Ninakabbo, 227/A, Tejgaon-Gulshan Link Road, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone +8802 9840223
Fax +88029006747
Web address

8) Thermax Group
Thermax Group Ltd. is a prominent textile company in Bangladesh, recognized for its industry leadership. Thermax Group commenced its operations in the year 1996 and subsequently initiated commercial production in 1998. Since then, it has consistently maintained its position as one of the foremost textile makers in the country up until the present time. Mr. Abdul Kadir Mollah serves as the Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of the esteemed Thermax Group. Under the umbrella of Thermax Group Ltd, he has incorporated around 14 limited companies.

The aforementioned entities consist of

1) Thermax Textile Mills Ltd,

2) Thermax Spinning Ltd,

3) Thermax Knit Yarn Ltd,

4) Thermax Yarn Dyeing Ltd,

5) Thermax Yarn Dyed Fabrics Ltd,

6) Adury Apparels Ltd,

7) Adury Kint Composite Ltd,

8) Adury Fashion & Print Ltd,

9) Thermax Melange Spinning Mills Ltd,

10) Thermax Woven dyeing Ltd,

11) Thermax Check Fabrics Ltd,

12) Sister Denim Composite Ltd,

13) Indigo Spinning Ltd,

14) Thermax Color Cotton Ltd.

The company’s primary concentration lies in the production of high-quality cotton yarn, melange yarn, woven fabrics, knit fabrics, and denim.

The monthly production output includes 3.2 million units of knitwear, 3 million yards of woven fabric, and 2 million yards of denim. Since the year 2001, Thermax group has operated as an industry solely focused on exports, with a complete orientation towards international markets. The company has effectively engaged in the exportation of knitted, woven, and denim products. Thermax Group has estimated yearly revenue of around $636.6 million. The group is providing services to numerous European and North American businesses, such as Walmart, MNS, Zara, and TNA.

At a glance of Thermax Group:

Company head office Green City Edge (12-14th Floor) 89 Kakrail C/A, Dhaka – 1000, Bangladesh
Phone +88-02-48312174, +88-02-9359852
Fax +88-02-9342526
Web address

9) Viyellatex Group
Viyellatex Group is a prominent garment manufacturing firm in Bangladesh that specializes in exports. It was established in 1996 as a family-owned enterprise. The organization is wholly owned by a family and has a workforce consisting of more than 300 managerial personnel and over 15,000 employees. The individual responsible for overseeing the operations of this industry is KM Rezaul Hasanat, serving as the Chairman. The organization comprises multiple business units. The following information is provided below:

  • Viyellatex ltd
  • INTERFAB CASUAL WEAR (woven side of the garment industry)
  • Ecofab Ltd (Woven Green Factory)
  • Viyellatex Spinning Ltd
  • Viyellatex Apparels Limited (Knit side of the garment industry)
  • Eco Couture Ltd (Knit Green Factory)
  • Gothic design ltd
  • Midland Power Company Ltd (Energy and Engineering)
  • Royal Valley Planters (Tea Manufacturing)
  • Fashion Plastic & Packaging Ltd (Textile Accessories Manufacturing)
  • Pledge Harbor International School (First IB accredited boarding school of Bangladesh)
  • Logistic Management Services Ltd (Logistics Service Provider)

Viyellatex Group has significantly contributed to the garment export industry of Bangladesh. The company has rapidly established a robust reputation both domestically and internationally within the textile and apparel industry. The company in question operates as a composite Knit Dyeing enterprise with a focus on exporting its products. The facility is equipped with a well-designed and fully equipped unit for fabric dyeing, finishing, and garment production, which effectively supports the manufacturing of knitted fabrics and knitwear. The company manufactures around three million pieces per month. Viyellatex Group has secured a cumulative finance amount of $46 million for the establishment of a novel spinning mill.

The organization has seen significant development and has transformed into a swiftly expanding and diverse conglomerate in order to achieve their overarching objective of becoming highly esteemed within their industry.

At a glance of Viyellatex Group:

Company head office Le Méridien Dhaka (6th Floor) 79/A Commercial Area, Airport Road, Nikunja 2, Dhaka 1229
Phone +8802 9813001-10
Fax +8802 9811400
Web address

10 Mohammadi Group

Mohammadi Group Limited is a well-established clothing firm based in Bangladesh. This establishment is recognized as a prominent clothing industry that exclusively focuses on exporting its products. The late Mr. Annisul Huq served as the Founder Chairman of the Mohammadi Group.

The company commenced operations in 1986 within the clothing sector, initially employing a workforce of 52 individuals. Presently, the company has expanded its workforce to over 10,000 employees. Mohammadi group is an organization that prioritizes the well-being of its workers by offering a range of benefits that extend beyond the minimum requirements set by labor laws. The woven section of Mohammadi Group serves as the central and essential component of the organization. The monthly production output of woven clothing exceeds 1,200,000 units. The following are the production units within the weaved division:

  • MG Shirtex Limited
  • Mohammadi Group Limited
  • MG Niche Flair Limited
  • MG Niche Flair Limited (Woven)
  • MG Niche Stitch Limited
  • The Mohammadi Limited (Sample)
  • Mohammadi Group started lingerie division in 2012. MG Niche Flair Limited is the only production unit of this division. Their monthly capacity is over 300,000.
  • Mohammadi Group’s sweater division started its journey in the year 2003 and quickly became one of the leading sweater manufacturers in the country. Their monthly capacity is over 300,000 pieces per month. Here are all production units of sweater division –
  • Mohammadi Fashion Sweaters Limited
  • MG Knit Flair Limited
  • Mohammadi Knit Star Limited
  • MG Sweater Sample

Digi Jadoo Broadband Limited and Jadoo Media Limited are the two companies that make up the Mohammadi Group’s Media and Entertainment division.

Desh Energy Limited, Desh Cambridge Kumargaon Power Company Limited, and Desh Energy Chandpur Power Company Limited are the three units that make up the Mohammadi Group’s power generation sector.

The Mohammadi Group hired TechnoVista Limited to design and develop software in 1999. After a few years, BordingVista Limited, a joint venture firm, was created in 2007. The real estate firm for the Mohammadi Group is called MG Properties Limited.

The Mohammadi Group of Companies manufactures ladies blouses, men’s dress and casual shirts, and more. The clothing division has a $80 million yearly revenue. Sears, Wal-Mart, Costco, H&M, Hagger, Perry Ellis, Primark, Target, ECI, and SPRINGFIELD are some of its principal clients. The Mohammadi Group of Companies is committed to providing consumers with honest, dependable service. They pledge to give their customers the greatest customer service in the business.

At a glance of Mohammadi Group:

Company head office Lotus Kamal Tower – One, 10th Floor, 57 Joar Sahara C/A., Nikunja-2, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh
Phone +880 9612 222000
Fax +880 2 48952704
Web address

Textile industry in Bangladesh are of significant importance to the country’s economy. The remarkable growth of Bangladesh’s textile sector exports in the past twenty years has exceeded even the most optimistic projections. The label of “Made in Bangladesh” has also contributed to the nation’s prestige, establishing it as a reputable brand globally. Currently, textile and garment industry in Bangladesh is encountering a number of formidable obstacles. Bangladesh is currently grappling with a significant rise in production costs, which can be attributed to several factors such as the escalation in electricity tariffs, the upsurge in interest rates, an energy crisis, the devaluation of the Bangladeshi taka, mounting input costs, political instability, the elimination of subsidies, and internal disputes. All of the aforementioned factors contribute to an increase in manufacturing costs, resulting in a decline in exports. The provision of subsidies by the government to textile industry is crucial for ensuring the continued viability and sustainability of this sector. It is imperative for the industry to promptly undertake necessary measures in order to overcome obstacles and capitalize on the many prospects presented in the global market. Bangladesh continues to be widely recognized as a highly favorable option for a majority of purchasers seeking a reliable and secure supply of readymade clothes. The current state of textile industry in Bangladesh indicates its potential and future possibilities to emerge as a prominent global textile hub.



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