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Technique of counting Sewing Thread with formula

Sewing thread consumption is a process to figure out required thread to stitch a complete finished garment. It is important to count the thread consumption of a sewn product before starting production so that merchandiser can:

1) Predict the numbers of cones are required
Thread Consumption2) Analyze the cost of thread needed to manufacture the finished goods
If not count thread consumption properly before starting production, production process may hamper due to lack of required thread.
Thread consumption can be figured out by several ways. Calculate the thread consumption by using mathematical stitch formulas based on the thickness of the seam and the number of stitches per inch. Some factors may consider during counting thread consumption like below:
1) Stitches per inches (SPI)
2) Sewing machine nature
3) Stitch type
4) Fabric thickness
5) Thread nature
Measure every portion seam length of the garment and then multiply with thread consumption factor. Please add 5%-8% extra thread as operational wastage.
Sewing thread consumption is very important for the garment costing. To get an approximate sewing thread consumption we can use following technical chart. It may help you to count sewing thread consumption of a garment item. Flat lock, over lock, single needle, double needle, zigzag stitch, chain stitch like these different types of machine may use to produce finish goods. First of all, review the garment and find out what kind of device has used to make that one. Then measure each seam in inches of that garment, amalgamate all the inches and use following formula. Finally, you will found the total quantity of thread consumed in that finished product.
There are some special formulas to figure out thread consumption of a garment item. So, today I will show you a consumption format so that you can estimate thread consumption of a particular product. You can analyze multiplying factor according to product categories by using this accessible format. Please find it below.
Thread Count Formula
Anyway, the format is not always kept fixed. It could be flexible or variable depends on practical situations. If you would like to get this excel formula, please find my google drive link to download.

Please find another google drive link to download another file. Please hit the link to download your desired file.

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